Tags: pairing: heechul/anya

f :: younha :: sukinanda

[ficlets] crossover meme fruits.

I bring ficlets from the ❝2008 idol crossover (smut) anonymeme❞. (And then some.) :DD

(arashi/super junior) 331 wds. g; rpf — matsujun, heechul.
original prompt: something, anything to do with kids and their awkwardness around them. because we all know jun loves them little brats but they're just not drawn to him. also, heechul admits to being all weird and formal around kids. :DDDDDDDD
[ i think you scared her off with your hair ]

the sane ones
(arashi/super junior) 247 wds. r; rpf — sho/kibum.
original prompt: they like to think they're the sane ones in their respective bands.
[ but crazy is crazy, and both groups are full of insane people ]

audition (time2rock)
(super junior/dbsk/kpop) 746 wds. pg; rpf — hyukjae, junsu, younha
original prompt: 'audtion (time to rock),' or 'meeting younha backstage years after going to the same audition'; hyuksu/younha audition clip.
[ younha had smiled to herself thinking that she's really glad to have met them. ]

shuttlecock queen
(super junior) 757 wds. pg; rpf — heechul/anya
original prompt: aything goes, because if you're not blind, you'd have totally noticed the flirtation going on between the two of them during full house. FOR SRS.
[ they tease each other mercilessly, but they sit next to each other every chance they get. ]

The 'and then some' are a couple more crossover ficlets from a challenge between me and kikiam a while back:

(arashi/super junior) 557 wds. pg; rpf — kangin/eeteuk/aiba/jun.
s. it's the new year and they're all stressed.
[ sometimes it's so hard to remember why they put up with their boyfriends. ]

(arashi/super junior) 548 wds. pg; rpf — aiba/donghae/jun.
s. they meet at asia song festival 2008, and really, they're a lot alike after all.
[ it stops being awkward after a little while, and donghae doesn't even protest when aiba invites him to hang out. ]