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Two GengLe fics

A/N: I think the world needs more GengLe love lol. I wrote these during the summer. Anyway, give this pairing a try? :P

Title: Who's the kid now, huh?
Pairing: GengLe
Rating: PG
Genre: humor
Summary: Sun Le took the wrong medicine this morning.
Did you take the wrong medicine this morning?
Title: Hembooger
Pairing: GengLe
Rating: PG
Genre: Fail humor
Summary: Han Geng and Sun Le turn a waitress's life upside-down at Johnny Rockets
He dug in to his calorietastic lunch with much enthusiasm
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If Only

Title: If Only
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Han Geng x Sunle
Summary: Running away because his mother wouldn’t let him have a cookie before dinner wasn’t the smartest thing Han Geng tried , but then he wouldn’t have met his ultimate best friend who treated him like he was the same age and not four years younger.
Actually it was the dumbest thing he could of ever done.

Warning!: Heavy sexual abuse! Read with caution! Please.
A/N Okay guys this isn’t a fic for the faint hearted, It may be a bit of a fail but it deals with issues that are not for those of the faint hearted.
Please read with caution and don’t hate me. It is only a fic.

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