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fic: A Collection of Nevers [Various/OT15]

Title: A Collection of Nevers
Author: aegistheia
Relationships: Various rare pairings/OT15. Pairings are tagged exhaustively, though there doesn't seem to be an option for gen in the tags.
Rating: G to R
Genre: General, Drama, Angst
Word Count: ~11 500
Warnings: Sexual and/or suggestive situations. Language. Mentions of drug use. Body image issues. Religious discussions.
Summary: Every member has his own quirks. Even in intimacy. Especially in intimacy. A collection of vignettes about Super Junior members.
A.N.: Pairings, ratings, and summaries can be found within individual chapters.

( “How does this work?” )


FanFic: Promises.

Title: Promises.
Author: rudeminnesotan
Rating: PG-13. (warnings for suggested smut? One F-bomb)
Pairing(s): HanRy, ZhouRy, HanMi, GengMiRy.
Summary: Things are weird without Geng there, who Henry and Mimi both miss terribly.
Genre: Fluff, angst, crack, romance. All the good stuff.
Notes: For static_abyss. She asked for GengMi and I was like, ‘zomgs GengMiRy’. I wrote this in the ‘notes’ application on my iPod. 922 words at first, then edited it later on my laptop *proud*.

( "Mimi-ge… this is weird." )

Parts 2 + 3 of the EunHenChul series

Title: Actually
Pairing: HanHen, EunHenChul
Rating: G
Fandom: Super Junior
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: Henry meets Han Geng


Title: Jealousy
Pairing: EunHenChul
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Notes: SMUT! Oral, Toys, and dirty talk
Summary: Eunhyuk and Henry come home to hear Heechul making some funny sounds

( "Siwon!" )
INFINITE; {myungsoo/tongue}

A Beating Pulse - Prologue

 Title: A Beating Pulse
Band: Super Junior M
Pairing/s: HanRy, ZhouRy, more yet to be revealed.
Chapter: Prologue/10
Rating:Story overall, NC 17
Genre: AU, Supernatural, Romance, Smut, Vampire!
Summary: A ordinary student, Henry Lau, finds himself kidnapped by two alluringly attractive vampires. Both craving his blood and body.
Notes: Oh yeah Human!Henry, Vampire!Hangeng, Vampire!ZhouMi. (HN & ZM are 'brothers', HL, just happens to bet their prey) ;)
~kekekeke~ I'm so perverted, and I'm a sucker for an AU supernatural story sooo... here ya go!

click this link for fic pleasssssssssssseeeeeeeee >>>>All I remember is finishing school for the day... The rest is a blur )

Hug (oneshot)

Title: Hug
Pairing: HanRy (Hangeng/Henry)
Author: plastikxteukie
Length: one shot
Genre: its the offspring of angst/flluff
Rating: R?
WARNING: this is utter fail I'm sorry! un-beta'd
Summary: To Hangeng there was only one person that he could describe as a ‘hug’
Notes: i'm so sorry for it being this late but happy birthday mawaru_berry

To him a hug is
henry - used to pain
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Midnight Snack

Title: Midnight Snack (fail title, sorry)
Pairing: Hangeng/Henry
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Henry sneaks into the kitchen for a midnight snack and gets caught
Dedication: for plastikxteukie   coz she's got a cold
and this was also requested by anon with prompt: Henry/? Food sex ^^. Inappropriate use of the refrigerator's contents. Anyone hungry? <3 lol at the Kpop Kink Smut Meme.

“We won’t be having any chocolate cake tomorrow will we?” )

9th Piece Of 8

Title: 9th piece of 8 (chapter 1)
Pairings: HanRy (main) ShiChul, Qmi, KiSung, KangTeuk, Eunhae...(minor)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Romance
Summary: A new tresure is found, but what happens when all the pirate lords want it too? 
A/N: Pirate!AU ...details about the different positions on the ships etc will be posted with the next chapter. ^^
A/N: Beta'd by siwons_dolly and special thanks to ai_sumairu who's a legend by right