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Happy New year!

Title: New beginings
Rating/Warning: Umm... pg-13 for death... lots of death
Parings: HanHae, HaeWook, ZhouHyuk,HyukBer, HanMin, HeeToria
Word Count: Word says 7,292
Disclaimer: I own the characters not the plot! Wait... that's backwards!
Summary: In a time where loved ones are fine one day and dying from an unknown plague the next day can people find new love years later.

A/N: This Is for summer0smiles! :D It's a late birthday present birthday was 44 days ago... or a late Christmas present... or new years... or whatever you want it to be :D

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Do you Love Me? (Donghae drabbles)

Title: Do You Love Me? (Donghae drabbles)
Author: junjou_robotica
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Pairing(s): EunHae, HaeChul, SiHae, KyuHae, HenHae, HanHae.
Summary: A collection of drabbles where sometimes Donghae is in love.
Genre: angst, fluff.
Notes: Happy Birthday Fish Prince of Mokpo ♥

(A diamond, the rough; the real thing)
built this house on broken dreams ` bel


Title: Without You
Pairing: HanHae Ninja!KyuWookMiMin
Warnings: Heechul Swearing
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff and Slight!Humor
A/N: Title from 'Map The Soul' by Epik High. Please check out both versions!
Challenge: 29/100 - #39 All The People
Summary: Heechul gives Donghae Hangeng's number when they go to China.

Title: All I Ever Wanted To Hear
Pairing: SiWook
Rating: R
Warnings: Mentions of Sex, Prostitution, Girl!Wook, Bad Language
Genre: Romance
Challenge: 28/100 - #31 Midnight Walks
A/N: Had this idea for awhile, actually. Same thing with the 'Thunderstorms' for the Kangmin. I wanted to write a fic like this for awhile. Like it please?
Summary: Siwon meets her at midnight, a ghost like girl that steals from his pocket, but he can't help but buy.

Title: Confession
Pairing: HenWook
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff?
Notes: This is a plot idea for a one x one I wanted to do with someone before, but she chose another one, haha. Lyrics from 'Confession' by Super Junior - M!
Summary: Henry joins Super Junior - M, Ryeowook becomes his bestie.