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waiting on the world to change

waiting on the world to change
eunhyuk/ryeowook ; pg ; friendship, romance, slight-angst ; 4581w
When Hyukjae was ordered to deliver paper cranes to a sick boy he hardly knew, he never thought it would change his perspective on the world.

a/n: Written for zaboomafoo76 who wanted an EunWook, a pairing I don’t even write. Ah well. But my Super Junior muse came back so in a sudden stroke of inspiration, I wrote this. It isn’t as angsty as I promised it would be and it even has a happy ending! What the hell… -______-

An hour or two later, after all the cranes are hung and the sky is dark, Ryeowook sat back on his bed, pleased with himself. Hyukjae watched him, and smiled at his bright eyes and even brighter personality, as if this hospital confinement was just a momentary stop in the winding road that is his life, and not the last one.

Icarus they caught you where you tumbled on

Icarus they caught you where you tumbled on
PG | Angst, Romance | 5,100+

Disclaimer : The title is snatched from William Fitzsimmons' song, Problem of Pain.
a/n : A fic for wookiescookie

( Eunhyuk tried to fit himself in. He tried to be in Ryeowook’s world, where Ryeowook would see him, finally. But Kyuhyun is Ryeowook’s world. And it’s not somewhere Eunhyuk could be. )

Drabble Set 1

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Naughty [One-shot]

026.) Pressure - 100 Super Junior Fics Challenge

Title: 026.) Pressure
Author: hn100702
Pairing: Ryeowook/Eunhyuk
Rating: G
Notes: I made Wookie aggressive(?) Haha! XD It's some random plot from this random mind of mine.
Summary: The dance break in Perfection needs three persons. Unfortunately, Henry and Kyuhyun aren't present. The Taller males can't do it either. It's up to shy ol' Ryeowook.

That made me feel worse!

2 drabbles :) [YeWon + EunWook]

Title: Forget The Unforgetable Pain
Prompt: #023. Tears
Pairing: YeWon
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I dont own anyone except of myself.
Summary: There is this special bond between them. They act strong but with each other they show their pain. They share it.
AN: So please enjoy :) Though I know its not that good and kind of hard to enjoy right? ^^

They are like brothers. Always there for each other. Even in those hard times.


Title: Taking The Pressure Away
Prompt: #026. Pressure
Pairing: EunWook
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I dont own them.
Summary: EunHyuk is really nervous. He can't take this much pressure but RyeoWook is there to help him although he himself thinks its pretty ridicolous to worry because of something like that.
AN: Yeah,....*sigh* I know its not good. I'm sorry. *sigh once more*...*shakes head* i really sigh too much! Anyway please if you read this please comment because i like to know when people read it. thanks a lot :D

Too much for him to take anymore. He doesn't know what he should do.
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Drabble Dump #6

Title: Sweater
Word Count: 154
Pairing: YeWook
Rating: R
Summary: The confining nature of little black sweaters could drive anyone crazy.

Drabble #1

Title: Workout
Word Count: 153
Pairing: EunWook
Rating: R
Summary: No pain, no gain.

Drabble #2

Title: Name
Word Count: 104
Pairing: HeeWook
Rating: R
Summary: It’s all in the name, and it’s all in the person saying that name.

Drabble #3