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Chrysocolla Game 4/5

Title: Chrysocolla Game pt. 4
Author: arcee_b33
Pairing: MinHo X Hyuk, JunSu X Hyuk (implied)
Genre: AU, NC-17
Warning: plotless smut, slut!hyuk, orgasm denial
Summary: After being rejected by JunSu, HyukJae was given a Chrysocolla ring by a fortune teller. The ring changes his life from a shy average guy into a sexual being. But is it for better or worse?
Notes: I wasn't sure about who to put in this chapter at first but then you guys voted for YeSung and MinHo (these are the top 2, other than LeeTeuk, ZhouMi, RyeoWook and Henry), YeSung was kinda winning at first so he was on the first part but then MinHo got so many votes that I had to change the player. This is one pairing that I never tried before (I barely ever imagined this!) so I hope you guys like this as much as I do.

This one is for: fanaeh, ninetyhugs, emmyxogast, ladbe3, tsmc, danangela, junholove, love_wonhyuk, aznxbabiix76, cutelittleelf, sujuhigh, mochijang for voting MinHo!

You can find the earlier stages here:

Stage 1: SiWon, HanKyung, HeeChul VS HyukJae
Stage 2: KiBum, DongHae VS HyukJae
Stage 3: KyuHyun VS HyukJae

One out of eleven – Drabble

Title: One out of eleven
Pairing: HyukHo (Eunhyuk x Minho) and ninja KeyBum
Genre: pure fluff
Rating: G
Diclaimer: believe me, if I own them I will not tell T___T don't own them
Summary: There is this studies saying one out of eleven men is gay, but what is with Super Junior and it's 15 members...?
A / N : I was bored in history class and this rare pairing came to my mind

Follow to HyukHo fluff...
super junior - blue sea

(oneshot/sequel) i can breathe no more.

i can breathe no more.

eunhyuk/donghae, eunhyuk/IU; romance?, pg, 1576 words
will there ever be an ending for the both of them? / it suffocates me to see you with someone else; i just can't breathe.
a/n. sequel to you're my heart-heart-heart-heartbreaker. but because i like that ending a little too much, this could be read on its own. sorta. // well enjoy!

written in donghae's POV.

(To the point where I wanted to stop because your pain meant my pain and I just can't breathe. )