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Title: Smoke
Status: Fic 25/100
Length: One-shot
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Can be read as Leeteuk/Anybody, written with Leeteuk/Shindong in mind
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Warnings: obvious use of alcohol, inexplicit smut, some language
Summary: Youngwoon is gone and Jungsu is desperate to reach out to anybody
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[illustrated fic] You are mine - chapter 0

Title: You are mine
Author: 1jet2unknown
Pairing: ?? / Eeteuk
Disclaimer: Don't own! This story is FICTION!
Summary for You are mine (complete): Being part of the student council and one of the stars among the pupils of an all boys school the pressure on Jungsu is pretty hard, especially for the upcoming exam. But somehow english just won't work out for him and when the pressure coming from his teachers gets too high he decides to cheat on the test... . But even though he gets an A- it will turn out that this decison will completely change his life. Why? Because there was a witness. And to prevent the witness to slip words to the teachers he has to obey his every wish... .
But maybe there's more to this keeping-Jungsu-as-a-slave than first meets the eye?

Chapter: 0 / Introduction
Words: 903
Comment: After being offline for some days I'm returning with a new project! Since I couldn't decide on wether I'll make it into a doujinshi or a fanfic it's going to be an illustrated novel *tada~* so i'll add some black/white-illustrations here and there :) please look forward to it~ ♥!
The first chapter (Chapter 0) is an introduction to the actual story... hope you enjoy!

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