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Super Generation Fluff Drabble Collection Part 1 (TaeTeuk and Heesica)

Drabble 1
 That Little Bright Spot 
Pairing: Taeyeon/Leeteuk
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Taeyeon-centric
Word Count: 660 w
Rating: G
Summary: ( Taeyeon's tired of it all, but he's there to remind her that somebody's got her back. )

Drabble 2
Some Things About Kim Heechul
Pairing: Heechul/Jessica
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Heechul-centric
Word Count: 689 w
Rating: G
Summary: ( Heechul reevaluates himself and his relationship, and he realizes that Jessica is a force to reckon with. )
sungmin's heart!

In A Heartbeat /1

My LJ has been dead and I've totally forgotten about this fanfic i wrote a long long time ago. 
So i decide to post it (if i can remember how to use this thing!) 

Titile : In A Heartbeat/1
Pairings: Yesung/Luna,  Yesung/Yuri, Lee Teuk/ Taeyeon, Siwon/Yoona
Ratings: PG
Notes: A/U
Summary: Her heart is no longer her own but someone else's. Can she find new love with this heart or would she live under the shadow of the other?
Collapse )

Hope You Like It!
i am just having fun, this story and my grammar is horrible :P
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The Sand Between Our Toes

Author: xieh
Genre: Romance, Angst
Pairing: Leeteuk/Taeyeon
Rating: PG
Warnings: Noooooone~
Summary: Sometimes an ocean is all you need to escape the harsh world of reality...
Disclaimer: They BOTH belong to SM... lucky...

The night sky painted its reflection across the water, the light breeze hanging in the air causing ripples in the surface that disturbed the large body of liquid and distorted the moon

Oh god why Kyu?


title; Bickering
pairing; Leeteuk/Taeyeon, Kyuhyun/Sungmin (ninja), Donghae/Eunhyuk (ninja)
rating; PG [swearing]
genre; fluff, crack
summary; Taeyeon experiences firsthand what it takes to be the leader of a 15 member group.
beta-er; the amazing [info]zaboomafoo76! ♥
note; Seeing how I haven't posted anything lately... And idk how long it's going to take for me to write the other 5 drabbles so I'll just post this one now.

Holy crap! How the heck do you take care of fourteen other guys?
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At Least I Still Have You (0/?)

Title: At Least I Still Have You
Main Themes: Friendship, Sibling Bond and maybe romance? Kekeke
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G to PG-13
Warnings: AU!, genderswitch!
Main Characters: Hyukjae, Donghae(x2!), Jessica
Minor Characters: Leeteuk, Taeyeon, Siwon, Tiffany, Yuri, Yoona, Kibum, maybe more on future chapters
Main Pairings: HyukHae (girl!Hae), HaeSica (guy!Hae), TaeTeuk, SiFany
Minor Pairings: YulHyuk, YoonHae (guy!Hae), KiHae (girl!Hae)
Important Note: Twin Donghaes. A guy (Donghae) and a girl (I named her Haera. You'll see why on the next chapters)
Summary: A story of revolving around the lives of three bestfriends, Hyukjae and the twins Donghae and Haera.

(Character Description)

(Prologue: "I'm Lee Donghae...")