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Super Junior; O-Hae; Deliveries

Title: Deliveries
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: O-Hae (new pairing! Onew/Donghae!)
Word Count: 905
Rating: Summary: R
Genre: Humor/Smut
A/N: *newly edited* K so I'm not sure how much I like this one, because Hae-nim is pretty out-of-character. It really should be Chul, but I like the thought of Onew/Donghae and i also liked how O-Hae is Oh Hey! lolz. Also, the ending is REALLY unsatisfying, sorry you guys lol but i wanted to post something and i was bored yesterday so i decided to write smut (WHICH I DONT DO ALL THE TIME! i promise! ;_; i'm actually working on a really horribly sad KangTeuk, which i'm excited about. It's like...im gonna kill myself sad. lolz. fun. jk.) but yeah, i dont really want to proofread it AGAIN and theres stuff i want to change in the ending but i just want to freakin post something, so here it is, hope you like. i also like the OJH pairing (Onew/Jonghyun) and i need to find a name for them so i can wriiiite iiiiit :D lol Shinee, what are you doing to me?! I also need to make these shorter.

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