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Gay Relationships and Problems coming with it(Zero/?)(Chaptered sequel to "Feel it in my Bones)

[fic]Gay Relationships and Problems coming with it|PG-13(soon,NC-17)|Romance/Comedy/AU!University/Drama/Smut(later) |Hyukjae/Donghae,Leeteuk/Heechul,Minho/Donghae,past!Hyukjae/Gyuri,Kyuhyun/Sungmin

Summary:Hyukjae and Donghae in crisis in their relationship, and two new students who arrived in their university only exacerbates their problems ... 
Leeteuk doesn't know how to introduce Heechul to his parents,which aren't aware of his sexual orientation.So,in the advises of others ,Leeteuk decides to force Heechul to do a drag.
Heechul is not pleased,even if idea of crossdressing is quite temping.
Sungmin tries to top Kyuhyun,but fails miserably.
A/N:I feel a little worried towards my writing!-_____-But I'm just like this verse as hell and I get a hint of inspiration in the midnight LOL I hope I didn't failed,I want to make my last updates more memorable before the start of my study!Comments are very,very loved!<3Continuation of this

"But I want to join in!"Donghae cries out towards empty space,where previously stood his boyfriend.He pouts his rosy lips in slight disappointment,because he misses Hyukjae like crazy the whole time he's not with him,freaking out because of the these daily absence of other at the exhausting football training.

Of Crappy Moods and Teeny Crushes [One Shot]

Title: Of Crappy Moods and Teeny Crushes
Pairing: HenHae; Somewhat DongHo (cuz we all know the kind of person Minho is)
Rating: PG
Summary: It wasn't like he was jealous or anything. He would just watch the two and feel slightly irritated. Then he'd go to his iPod and blast Ashlee Simpson, because Heechul thought it would be funny to remove all his music without him knowing and pop in only 'Boyfriend' and 'Boys.'
Disclaimer: Do not own.

He had to admit, he was in a pretty crappy mood.

Fic: Prompt generator stories

Title: Prompt generator stories
Rating: PG13-NC17
Pairing: JongTae, OnTae, DongHo, Eunmin
Summary: Drabbles based on the prompts from the prompt generator
A/N: Based on this prompt from the prompt generator here and I swear, promise and all that, that I'll update my YeWon series soon, but yeah... Something short for now. :) This is for all, and everyone who has been kind enough to read and comment on any and every of the things I wrote. Thank you. I don't think I could have wrote like I did if it had not been for you guys and your kind words. ♥
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[fic] Never Knew Anything But Loving You 2/?, Minho/Donghae

Never Knew Anything But Loving You - 2/?
Minho/Donghae, PG-13, romance/humor, 3235 words
Minho is kind of head over heels for Donghae, but he's okay with that.

Part 1 Part 2

Minho figures he also hasn't made much of a secret of how much he likes Donghae. Even if he wasn't exactly going around wearing a t-shirt proclaiming his love, he is evidently about as subtle as said t-shirt, according to Jonghyun.


Title; Anytime
Fandom/Pairing; Choi Minho/Lee Donghae frienship—or you can take it as more if you wish.
Rating; G
Summary; It's Minho's birthday, and he's still in Vancouver, instead of in Korea celebrating with SHINee and his other friends, like his Donghae-hyung.
Author's Note; Written for Minho's 18th birthday! I know that he and Donghae are close, and I learned that after watching this. You know, since he's in Canada and all, I bet SHINee and his other hyungs miss him a bunch, and I bet they miss him, too. And since I wanted to write something happy, I wrote this for Minho. I wrote it as a sweet hyung&dongsaeng piece, but if you want to read this with them as a couple, that's totally fine, too.

happy, happy birthdayyyy

Choking (theme #28)
Fandom/Pairing; Park Jungsoo (Leeteuk)/Kim Ryeowook
Rating; PG
Summary; Little Ryeowook has a nightmare about his Jungsoo-hyung, and it scares him so much.
Author's Note; Something I started yesterday before going to sleep, and finished tonight. I really like it, because I love writing comfort scenes, and anything relating to families and all that stuff. I like writing SJ as actual family members a lot. So, I hope you enjoy. I put a bigger age gap between Teukie & Wookie, just so you know.

be strong, there's nothing to fear
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[fic] 2 SHINee/SuJu fics: Minho/Donghae & Jonghyun/Zhou Mi

what love is like
Minho/Donghae, PG, humor/fluff, 375 words
Donghae reduces Minho to being disgustingly sweet, in Jonghyun's opinion.

Their tall, stoic, thoughtful Minho reduced to this. It's like a world he never knew and one he never wanted to.

love is like a car crash you can't look away from
Jonghyun/Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, (others), PG, humor, 610 words
Heechul knows what he's doing when he pulls these strings.

Kyuhyun thinks Jonghyun's epic crush on Zhou Mi is kind of sickening, the way he latches himself onto Zhou Mi, loud and grinning and always touching.