Tags: ot3: heechul/hangeng/yesung

Darkness Eyes

*Le Gasp* I finally wrote a threesome fic. Seriously.

Well, I'm sure a few people on here that I talk to regularly have been told by me that I was working on a YeHanChul and that was probably months ago when I said that.

Really sorry for the wait, but guess what? I'm finally done^^ And it's my first threesome fic too *yay*

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Okay, enough with the shameless community advertising, To the fic!!

Title: My Heart Belongs to Two

Genre: Romance

Rating: PG-13

Threesome: Han Geng//Heechul//Yesung

Summary: Yesung finds himself in a compromising and somewhat depressing position. He’s in love with two of his fellow members, both of whom are in a relationship with each other.



( he clutched their smiles to his heart and cried )