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A Thanksgiving Gift....

for you all who i'm sure has forgotten about me! hahaha.

Title: Of Life Guards and Stalkers
Pairing: YeWonHae
Rated: NC17
Warning: man on man activity, basically the title says it all.
Summery: they see him, they gawk, they drool, they want him!
Author’s note: this was something I had been working on since Donghae released that photo of him, Yesung and Siwon but things happened. But I’ve finally said F it and I’m throwing my worries and stress and responsibilities out the window for an hour or two so I can finish this and hopefully write something else before any logical thinking comes running back and I run out to pick up all my worries, stress, and responsibilities. It’s crappy but then again I haven’t written anything in a while so the ending might be a little wobbly but please do feel free to tell me what you all think and hell I just want to know if I still have any readers. ENJOY!

The perfect reason why Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon always came back for more.

Title: Manning up
Pairing: YeWonHae
Rated: G
Warning: I guess if you don’t like this OT3 then don’t read it? o.O
Summery: Yesung is taking charge.
Author’s note: it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Excuse my lack of writing.

"Sick bastard, just for his dam dirty kinky pleasure!"