Tags: ot3: sungmin/eunhyuk/donghae



==> Midnight Cirus
Lee trio (Sungmin/Eunhyuk/Donghae) | PG | Thriller/Horror/Action/Drama
On the way home, their car breaks down, and an accordion plays from far in the forest…
Inspired by Sunny Hill’s music video/song, Midnight Circus.

==> Henry the Hamster
Henry-centric | G | Crack/Fluff/Humour
Just a little oneshot with our favourite mochi boy as a Hamster craving adventure.

==> Himuro Mansion
Yesung/girl!Ryeowook, friendship!Ryeowook/Sungmin | R | Gore, violence, torture, angst, romance, death.
Ryeowook is a Shrine Maiden for the infamous Himuro family, born for sacrifice to the Gods, but when she meets Yesung one day, she no longer desires to be sacrificed, but Yesung doesn't make it to save her from the ritual. Years pass, and Sungmin, a folklorist, comes across the Himuro family grounds. Can he put Ryeowook's spirit to rest?
Based on the folktale of the Himuro mansion, and also based on the Fatal Frame video game.

==> Magic
broken!Yesung/Ryeowook | PG-13/M | Angst, romance, sexual references AU! Not famous
Yesung can't move on.
This was inspired by the OneWay song 'Magic', so some lyrics will be in italics in the actual fic.
TVXQ: HoMin suited up

Three into One

Love Like HaeMin

Drabble Dump

Title - After Hours
Rating - NC-17 for sexually explicit material
Subject/Pairing - Donghae/Sungmin
Genre - smut/pwp
Summary - AU. They do so have the decency to do it in a room.

The pinch of the lock's dial branding numbers and tick marks into his hip makes Sungmin gasp

Title - Persuasion Tactics
Rating - NC-17 for d/s elements, vulgarities, and sexually explicit material
Subject/Pairing - Hyukjae/Sungmin/Donghae
Genre - smut/pwp
Summary - Things are always difficult when one's just begun learning.

Obey, and we’ll make it worth your while.

Title - Chain Reaction
Rating - NC-17 for sexually explicit material
Subject/Pairing - Kyuhyun/Hyukjae/Donghae/Sungmin
Genre - smut/pwp
Summary - One thing just leads to another...

Sungmin might've cried out, might've moaned, not like Hyukjae'll ever know

Title - Appearances
Rating - NC-17 for sexually explicit material
Subject/Pairing - Kyuhyun/Hyukjae
Genre - smut/pwp
Summary - AU. Looks can be deceiving.

Had Kyuhyun not known Hyukjae as long as he has, Hyukjae might've had him fooled

Title - Last Stop
Rating - NC-17 for crossdressing, vulgarities, and sexually explicit material
Subject/Pairing - Donghae/Hyukjae
Genre - smut/pwp
Summary - AU. Donghae knew how to make the most of the situation...even if the situation was self-engineered.

Can you even imagine, what it'd be like

Drabble + One-Shot

Title - Two for One
Rating - NC-17 for sexually explicit material
Subject/Pairing - Siwon/Henry/Donghae
Genre - smut/pwp
Summary - Sometimes being indecisive means getting more than one bargains for.

Donghae can’t choose between the two…but who ever said he had to?

Title - Listen
Rating - NC-17 for d/s elements, vulgarities, and sexually explicit material
Subject/Pairing - Hyukjae/Donghae/Sungmin
Genre - smut/pwp
Summary - A lesson in listening and obedience.

Sungmin knew the precise moment Hyukjae entered the fray
Jongdae laughs with salad

Transfer Student

Title: Transfer Student
Pairing: EunHaeMin OT3 (with mentions of past!KyuMin)
Rating: NC-17
Length: 6,899 words
Summary: Sungmin has gotten used to moving around all the time and not establishing lasting relationships, but when Eunhyuk and Donghae enter his world all the barriers he's put around his heart come crumbling down.
A/N: This was inspired by a dream I had the night before my first day of school (which made me want to kick my muse because I was writing this story in the margins of each class syllabus and not paying attention during the first two or three days of class). Also inspired by addicterated's gorgeous and refreshing way of writing romantic smut. I wanted to attempt to explore feelings a little deeper, so hopefully I managed to capture that :3

(Sungmin was one of those kids that moved almost once a year, sometimes even twice in one semester.)