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Super Junior; KangChulMi; Jealousy

Title: Jealousy
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: KangChul/ChulMi/KangMi
Word Count: 1,377
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Zhou Mi and Heechul have a different relationship. Heechul doesn't see the other side.
Genre: Smut/Angst(?)
A/N: So i was in a slump lately (i even wrote a journal entry entitled "slump") and i couldnt write fics or sit down long enough to read them and i was just being weird. But i read a fic that spurred my creativity and now im back, writing and reading and everything is okay for now. I know the pairing seems random, but if you read it it all kinda makes sense why i chose who...anyways, i hope you DO read it :) ugh. i should be doing a study guide....

(P.S. the beginning i took liberty with, in the sense that Zhou Mi has known Heechul not just before Super Junior but before SM, too. I wrote them in school together, he's a transfer student, i guess...idk but its not a major plot point so dont worry about it)

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**ahaha so by all the comments ive been getting, i dont think i cleared it up properly: Heechul and Zhou Mi just kinda did each other for the hell of it, they werent really in a relationship beyond friendship, and they both decided to stop sleeping together. So no, Heechul did not ditch Zhou Mi.

this kind of jealousy = bad