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Fic Dump

Title: Rarity
Authors: twin_heaven and kpopismy_drug
Main Pairings: Donghae & Kyuhyun, Hyukae & Donghae,
Side Paring/Alluding to: Donghae & Kyuhyun & Hyukjae
Rating: R
Word Count: 13,475
Summary: Taking in strays can either be good or bad. In Kyuhyun's case, it was both.

Title: Unspoken
Author: kpopismy_drug
Pairing: Donghae and Kyuhyun
Rating: NC:17
Word Count: 5,418
Summary: Sometimes, ‘I love you’ can be said in totally different ways, or without needing to be said at all.

Jaejoong, DBSK

Two Updates

Title: Match-Made Heaven -Eunhyuk’s Side- [2/3]
Author: ryuutsuki/xredlotusx
Pairing: HaeHyuk [Donghae x Eunhyuk], broken!KyuHyuk [Kyuhyun x Eunhyuk]
Fandom: Super Junior
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Drama
Comment: u_______u....
Synopsis: [AU] Looking for true love? Match-Made Heaven can help find the person who's perfect for you.

Donghae's chapters: One||Two

Previous chapter: One

The next day, Eunhyuk decided to ask why Kyuhyun had chosen to contemplate over Yoochun’s offer.


Title: Getting What You Deserve [1/1]
Author: ryuutsuki/xredlotusx
Pairing: KyuHaeHyuk [Kyuhyun x Donghae x Eunhyuk]
Fandom: Super Junior
Rated: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Warning: ...Threesome?
Comment: No comment.
Synopsis: Sequel to Not on the List. What a cruel punishment indeed.

*Locked in a week

Kyuhyun let out a long groan as he tightly gripped Eunhyuk’s dark hair, half-lidded eyes observing the older male as he leaned forward just a tiny bit and took more of him into his mouth.

Ambitions [One-Shot]

Title:  Ambitions
Pairing:  OT3!KiHyukHae
Sub-Pairing(s):  None
Chapters:  One-Shot
Rating:  NC-17/R?
Warnings:  Smut (Bondage, double-penetration), Language
Disclaimer:  I own only the fic.
Synopsis/Summary:  What do Hyukjae and Kibum find out about each other after Yashimanman?
A/N:  Thanks to this prompt on the SM Kink Meme, I got inspiration to write some...smut.  ><  Sorry, but where I am right now as I am posting this, it is 3 AM in the morning and I'm at my "OOH SMUT @_@" mode because of lack of sleep.  So~  Here it is.  ^^

["So what's your biggest ambition right now?"]