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*cough* because I've been a lazy bum, and very, very inactive... 

written for my dearest Umma. =DD (and my rock says Hi!! :D)

Title: Circularity
Rating: I seem to have inherited my appa's .... addiction? :O to writing bad, bad things. >_>;;; Which will hopefully disappear in the future. >_>;;;;;;;;;;;;
Warning: YehTeukHyuk, YehTeuk, YehHyuk, TeukHyuk, and all other variations you could think of. :x Along with the endless, endless rambling in here as well as this warning, you're better off just not reading it in the first place. XP

oh. and only TWO WORDS of dialogue. I AM GENIUS. XD

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you leave me powerless.

Fic: And then I Died

Title: And Then I Died
By: fei_away
Pairing: Hyuk/Yehsung/Eeteuk =O?
Warning: PG-13, deathfic, angst, implications of abuse =X
I said that I would learn how to fly better than a bird if you left me, and you said that if I was a bird, if I was bird, then you were the sky.
Hey Homies! 8DDD Haha, I’ve been a silent reader *STALKER* for quite a while now! =X So I finally decided to contribute. *Le Gasp* Hope to make lots of friends here! ^___^ Hehe, and now onto the fic! =)
Inspired by the book Wasteland by Francesca Lia Block. 8D

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