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built this house on broken dreams ` bel


Title: OT3 drabbles!
Pairing: HaeWookMi, HanWookBum, KyuMinWook && KangTeukMin
Rating: PG-13 to R
Warnings: Smut.. like all of them.. bad language
Genre: Some smut, some romance, some jealousy
A/N: And these are a lot of my OTPs with another person I like, or another pairing that I like for a specific member(a.k.a KyuWook and MinWook) And p.s. I wrote KyuMin O.O
Summary: The members have fun with the other members~
HaeWookMi | HanWookBum | KyuMinWook | KangTeukMin
Jungsu - black&white

Broken [NC-17]

Pairing: Kangin/Sungmin/Eeteuk
Genre: Angst/smut.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: For </a></b></a>amine87 - because she wrote a fic for my wish list, so I wrote one of hers. :D dunno if you'll like this. It's what I had in my head at the time and forgive me if it sucks horribly. I've had a writing block lately. -__-

Anyway! Enjoy.



Furry Friends [chapter three!]

 Title: Furry Friends
Chapter: One, two
Pairing(s):KangTeukMin, HanHeeBum, KRY, EunHae, ShiDong 
Summary: A prank from Eunhyuk and Donghae leave three members in an unlikely situation
A/N: sorry for the long wait ^^;;;

→♥Shouldn’t we take them to see the vet...♥← )

Your Happiness is all that Matters .

Title: Your Happiness is all that Matters .
Rating: PG-13
Mood: Very very depressing . Death .
Pairing: Kangteukmin . (Kangin l Leeteuk l Sungmin)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything except this story .
Oh yeah , and plotline credits go to SG WANNABE`s Arirang .
Summary: Sungmin realizes that Leeteuk`s happiness is all that matters to him . Even if it means letting him go .

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The Greatest Sacrifice .

Title : ' The Greatest Sacrifice ' - CHAPTER 1
Rating : PG with bloody scenes .
Pairing : Kangteukmin , Eunhae .
(!) This is another story by the same writer , Kfanfiction , of `The Broken Promise` .

Teaser : As Leeteuk entered Sungmin`s bedroom with a tray of porridge , he stopped in the doorway . Sungmin was sitting upright , but something wasn`t right . His hand was clutching his shirt at his chest , and his body hyperventiliated , coughing up a dark substance that splattered onto the bedsheets . Leeteuk hurriedly placed the tray on the counter , aiding his side to pat his back . " Kangin ! Kangin ! Ryeowook ! Donghae ! Yehsung ! " he called out to any member name that came up in his head .

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New Fic ;]

Title: Furry Friends
Chapter: One
Pairing(s):KangTeukMin, HanHeeBum, KRY, EunHae, ShiDong 
Summary: A prank from Eunhyuk and Donghae leave three members in an unlikely situation
A/N: Thought I'd do sumthing different. Some Pairings will be more obvious than others (for now anyways)
         Haven't written anything in a while so sorry if it sucks!

(As far as he was concerned anything dealing with Eunhyuk and Donghae was Eeteuks problem)


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Title: Awkward mornings
Pairing: KangTeukMin
Summary: Kangin and Eeteuk find Kyuhyun and Sungmin sleeping in the same bed, heartbroken and feeling rejected they worry it might too late to win Sungmin back (and the real reason why Kyuhyun "likes" sungmin xD)
A/N: Yea sorry for the long wait =D Too excited to sleep so you know xD and once again, Links to the previous chapters are inside the fake cut xD spelling may also be bad, I'm still too excited to double check my spelling lol

(Kyuhyun had awoken to an empty bed)