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sungmin fan art ; qmi oneshot

Title: Song For You
Fandom: Super Junior
Subject: Sungmin
Rating: G
Form: Fanart (drawn by hand, no scanner, camera phone)
Summary: Sungmin during the Don't Don days.

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Title: Kyuhyun's Birthday (a.k.a the shortest one of these birthday baby fics)
Fandom: Super Junior-M
Pairing: QMi side!SiHan, HyukMin, HenHaeWook
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
A/N: Is it obvious that Kyuhyun is my least favorite sj member? The Eunhyuk one will be similar in length.
Summary: On their birthdays, the members of DBSJ turn into babies. Unfortunately, Zhou Mi likes Kyuhyun to much (or is that a good thing?)

But isn’t he so cute? We must dye his hair red more often for his birthday! He looks adorable! Doesn’t he?

[Fic] You Can Ride to the Top, But You Can't Ride On My Cock

Title: You Can Ride to the Top, But You Can't Ride On My Cock
Author: celerywench
Summary: SJM as party boy wannabe hipsters – except not at all - more about them at a dance party, being stupid, ridiculously, cute boys, and figuring out love and life at the bottom of a bong… and a threesome.
Pairing: HaeHenWook (all variations thereof), QMi, Shihan; Mentions of Hanchul, QMiHen, Han/Jaejoong
Warning: Boys being boys - in other words: stupid and douchey and we still love them. Recreational drug use. Girls exist (however briefly) in this world – sorry. Epic Fanmix you can either play or scroll past.
Author Notes: Title stolen shamelessly from Cobra Starship’s “Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We're Famous" lyrics. Concept inspired by that LOL-tastic Numero photoshoot and (swingingstars.livejournal.com/220458.html) these pictures & comment thread in particular. Any resemblances to a certain party that make its way from the East Village to Brooklyn, NY are totally in your imagination. THIS NEVER HAPPENED. *shifty eyes*
Disclaimer: The boys belong to themselves, I am just using their names I swear =D. The story is (mostly) mine to tell.

"Been waiting long?" A voice taunts at Henry's ear, nipping on the lobe, hot tongue sliding behind his ear onto the nape of his neck.

"Didn't even notice," Henry replies blithely, turning his affections to the open mouth in front of him, fingers gentle on a hard length.

"Liar," comes the laughing reply to his right, as a hand trails its way down the backside of his pants. "Bet you missed me here" the voice teases, caressing fingers along the dip of Henry's waistband, skittering across the surface of his ass, tantalizingly light and painfully slow.

Henry doesn’t know how much longer they can keep up this crazy game of gay chicken - if it’s even a game anymore, he can’t even be sure. He swears up and down he likes girls, wants a Chinese girlfriend, but it’s harder to argue that when you’ve got a cock in your mouth and another boy’s hand down your pants. Back then they, of course, shrugged it off as a drunken night – never mind that 2/3rds of them rarely drink and the remaining third has high tolerance – they were just really horny. But it’s harder to argue when Donghae mouths at Henry’s neck, and joins Henry’s fingers down Ryeowook’s pants, little electric sparks as their fingers collide.

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fanarts I made since last Xmas but couldn't post since the camera in our house disappeared; also, I think most of them don't look that much alike since I jsut drew them from my mind in starbucks~ :p hehehe

Henry Knows we love him
dedicated to: </a></b></a>klovesyou (no this isn't the gift for男用2 this is actually somethnig I made for part 1
henwookhae )

Just Because
dedicated to: </a></b></a>leunah23 and</a></b></a>merashun 
kihae )

For the sake of all things pink and fluffy
dedicated to: </a></b></a>jishu 
kangmin )

The basics
dedicated to all the awesome hanchul writers out there (and Happy Birthday to </a></b></a>everkitsune )

hanchul )

dedicated to: </a></b></a>2thechangmin 
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also, finally, my two fics has ended >.<

Title: One step at a time >> Step 15/∞ (part A): Mutters; (part B): Taking that step

Genre: angst/romance/drama/some (lame attempts at) comedy

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Henhae, henwook, side: Onkey, shihanchul, slight!kangteuk

Characters: Super Junior, SJM, Shinee

Disclaimer: they're obviously not mine >.<

Warning: Lots of fail T.T and RUSHED~ I don’t like how I qrote the ending but I need to finish this one way or another right??

A/N:  I needed to put Shinee to get the mood to a lighter tone… and I also had to finish my onkey side-story somehow right? ^^ This is round the time Heenim got the rod out of his leg btw.


Other Chapters: In the first post here

Part A Read more... )
Part B Read more... )

Fangirl Diaries: Our Trip to the SMTown (last chapter)

Genre: fail!crack

Rating: PG13 (for language and implicit!smex)

Pairing:  kihae, henhae, kihaery

Disclaimer: If this happened, I’m fine with going to hell for all eternity @_@

Warning:  some grammar/spelling errors

~Chapter 7~ words Read more... )


[FANFIC]One step at a time

Title: One step at a time >> Step 13/∞: The Tease

Genre: angst/romance/drama/some (lame attempts at) comedy

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: HENHAE, HENWOOK, HENWOOKHAE (lots of side pairings and of course hanchulwon)

Characters: Super Junior, SJM and SHINee

Disclaimer: still not owning anyone… duuuuuuuuh

Warning: only half-beta’d…

A/N:  thanks to </a></b></a>leunah23  for encouraging me to continue this… 3 more chapters to go XD

SJM has finally debuted and the seven of them are all stuck in China

Heechul Tongue

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 Title: For Friendship's Sake 
Pairing: HenWookHae (and others)
Rating: PG..(I know, it's safe there...right?)
Summary: So, going back to Korea, it's easy right? Same ole Same ole, like it was before China. Well, that's where you will be wrong. Conflicts hit Henry and sometimes...he doesn't know how to deal with him very well...or...at all...

Previous Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

And now for 6 =)
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Title: For Friendship's Sake
Pairings: HenWookHae (and other)
Rating: Just safely putting it on PG..
Summary: How is Henry suppose to handle this love triangle? If he chooses one he loses one. With the Dream Concert looming in front of him, can he make the decision, or will Donghae end up making it for him? 

Sorry this is such a small chapter, I will post some more tomorrow. Starting to fall asleep at the keyboard  -.-'  I hope you enjoy =)

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3

Now for Part 4
Heechul Tongue

For Friendship's Sake Part 3

Here is part: 1, and 2 for those who want the links =)

So here's Part 3, maybe I should just call them chapters, right? I dunno lol. 
It's longer than the others. I finally was able to break through my writers block and it started to flow. 
I went over it myself, but there could still be a lot of mistakes. My beta is probably sleeping, or if she isn't she sure wouldn't appreciate my call at this hour. And I wanted to posted this asap. So..ya I'm impatient like that. haha. 


Title: For Friendship's Sake
Pairing: Friendship-Henry/Ryeowook/Donghae (though it might be evolving into a little more), other (SJ-M)
Rating: PG (I guess, I dunno...it could only be G, I suck at the rating system lol) 
Summary: So they're in China. What is a boy to do when there's a love triangle going on around him and all he can do is stand around while the other play tug of war with his heart? It's a tough question, too bad that Henry has no idea what he's going to do...Meanwhile, the more he's in China the more fans he gets. How does this effect him? Will it start going to his head? Hmm, our humble Henry corrupted? Noo, or..well..maybe. 

Part 3