Tags: ot3: donghae/kibum/henry



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Lenth: One-shot

Genre: SMUT!

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: kibum/henry/donghae

Warning! My first real attempt at explicit smut~ (try to be nice?) And no beta, oh! and some bondage! and clearly it’s ot3~

Summary: Donghae cheats on Kibum with Henry in China; Henry feels guilty and HEECHUL helps him ask for Kibum’s forgiveness, thus leading to what will happen in this fic

A/N, this has been bugging me for almost a month now…. Scenes playing in my mind as I sit on the car on my way home from work….. I think it’s about time I try writing it…. (I also still think it’s waaaay hotter in my mind though)

P.S. If before I had 10000000% appreciation for smut writers…. I think it just multiplied by a gazillion times more after writing this~ *waves to my favourite smut writers* (but you don’t know who you are cuz im using a different account… geheheheh)

 Author:[info]kiirohana_16 I'll be using this account for writing now, kiirohana_16 will be for my spazzing



( off to the smut! )

To my Sea Memories readers, I think my brain turned to goo after writing this so the next part will be up tomorrow? hehehe :p