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video + 2 smuts^^

Title: Don't Don (kibum Comeback) Parody
Pairing: Eunhae, kihae, hanchul, sibum, sihan, kyuwon,
Rating: PG-13
Type: Video
warning: hinted broken Eunhae, figthing, and cursing
Summary: Super Junior tells the reason why Kibum is LOA , blaming each other for it and wishing Kibum to return to them^^

A/N: requested by a few people and so i did this one,


title: Accidental Star
pairing: YeWook, [girl!Ryeowook]
subject: Smut, gender switch
rating: NC-17
summary: Yesung was casted into a movie by accident, he never knew he’ll be a porn star.

a/n: coz I wanted to write a Yewook smut XD forgive me if this is too muck Wook smut~~


title: Room Service
pairing: HenWook, [girl!Ryeowook] ninja
subject: Smut, gender switch
rating: NC-17
summary: Ryeowook was asked to give a midnight Room service call.

a/n: coz I was depressed with our internet provider. Inspired by the episode in CSI New York^^ and my first smut that include food XD

Fanvid ftw

Title: SiHan ~ [//How You Remind Me];;
Rating: PG-13 [slight violence/nudity]
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: SiHan [as stated in title] <3
Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama
Disclaimer: If I owned Super Junior, they would all be my sex slaves SEX SLAVES. <3 Teukie and I would also be married and we would have beautiful angelchildz. <33 ;D
Notes: I'VE RETURNED TO MIRACLE~ ... Only for this though. My fic continuations will have to wait until I have the desire/free time to do them. Sorry all~ ;;

- - - - -

CLICK to view the awesomeness that is SiHan~
Ryeowook - cowboy hat
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Absolute — Teaser Trailer

Title: Absolute
Chapter: None (Teaser Trailer)
Fandoms: TVXQ/DBSK, Super Junior, SS501
Pairings: Various (a LOT O.o; )
Rating: PG-16
Warning: Angst, Violence, Character Death
Summary: Seoul’s All-Boys Night School is just like any other night school in the area, but there’s one thing that sets them apart from all the others, and that is their students. Seoul has been the battleground of an underground, interspecies cold war for centuries, with populations of vampyres, lycans, and all those in between. Even so, no one saw it coming when young members from practically every division ended up in the same night class, along with several unassuming humans. How do you deal with suddenly having to play nice with those you were raised to hate? A dangerous game of cat and mouse begins, where the only rules were to get rid of the enemy, not be caught by the humans… And not to fall in love.
A/N: A teaser trailer for the fic I was working on during Nano (the reason for my long hiatus, sorry guys! x.x ). The first chapter will be posted this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy the teaser?

(Mods, let me know if trailers aren't allowed on here, and I'll scoot right off)

Click here for teaser!
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Title: You Know You've Had Too Much To Drink When...
Pairing(s): KangHyun, KangTeuk (mentioned), KyuMin
Rating: PG-13 (for language) 
Summary: I got the idea from a fic generator a long time ago I just now got to writing it. It's a one-shot, and I have serious writers block so I thought writing this would help haha. (Sorry to those reading We Can Be Heroes, I'm trying I really am!!) Kyuhyun wakes up after a night of drinking way too much and finds himself in a very horrible predicament...

Kyuhyun blinked his eyes open...

Oh and a fanvid I made for Donghae a while ago: 

Sorry I know it's blurry, I have much more, however, on my youtube page XD
Hope it's okay to post this in here! haha