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Layout contest has closed~ Sorry we didn't get a chance to warn everybody on the day of. But we got some great submissions and here they are!

Voting works like with fic contests (I think we have enough entries). Just give us in 1, 2, 3 your first choice, second choice, and third choice in the comments. We'll tally it up post with results when voting is over.

Deadline is June 20th

Layout A
Layout B
Layout C
Layout D
Layout E

Happy voting! ^^

Also, you've still got until June 20th to give us suggestions on a new username here if you really want a new username from this comm. However, it looks right now like things are probably going to stay the way they are. ^^; I guess a lot of people got used to the name.
Giselle - in the throng
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[mod post] rule reminders + contest announcement


Brownie points if you guys can figure out what that's from!

But seriously, this is important, so try to get through it? All important points will be above lj-cuts, and more specific detail-y stuff you aren't required to read below.

01. Post Limit
I know not everyone really reads the rules, or sometimes they just forget them, and since we've opened this community some of the rules have changed. It's all right, entirely understandable. But everyone who is a member as of this moment should no longer have excuse for disobeying our post limit rule, which states only one post per member per day, two uniquely titled works to a post if necessary.

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01a. May's Memories
I've gone through May's posts and asked those who have more than one post per day to please delete their 2nd/3rd entries and either move their fics into a previous post from that day, or into the next day if they would like them up. (If you need help with this, feel free to message me if you see me online.) When I get around to actually starting on the memories for May (which will probably be sometime next Friday), entries that don't comply with the rules will be deleted. Most of those have been linked out, though, so you should still be able to fix the problem easily at your leisure. For works posted to the comm, I will save them in my e-mail in case you still want them. But they will be deleted from the community.

02. Layout Contest
We got a lot of positive feedback for the layout contest, under one stipulation. And since we don't see a problem with what people have requested, we're going to go ahead with the contest.

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Questions? Concerns? Feel free to comment! :]