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Valentine's Fiction Contest: Results

Hello lovely members! I apologize that this post wasn't made earlier but my internet decided to die last night and I haven't had time to do this until now! Its the post you've been waiting for. The results are in!

Congratulations to greenie_cgv for Member's Choice

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And to ouimonsieur for Mod's Choice.

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And because all the fics that entered the contest were lovely we have something for those contestants as well. Honorable mention to: pieces, magnolium and nis_chan!

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Hello lovely members! :D This is your mod coming to tell you that the voting has begun! You have until February 12th at 11:59 EST to get your votes in! For our first contest I really think we did ok! Thank you to all the participants!

Entry #1: Baby by magnolium

Entry #2: Genuine Make Believe by ouimonsieur

Entry #3: Not A Girl by greenie_cvg

Entry #4: Understanding by nis_chan

Entry #5: A Plant For All Seasons by pieces

All your comments in the voting process will be screened. ^^; Lets get lots of votes to support your favorite fic!

Jei Starr story_by_number


Just a little reminder from the admin that you have until February 5th by 11:59 EST to get your contest entries in. ^_^ Voting will begin on the Feb. 6th at midnight and end on Feb. 10th at 11:59 EST. We'll announce both the winners for Member's Choice and Mod's Choice on February 12th.

Only five days left~ Get writing. \:3/