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MOD POST - How to tag

Tagging is now open and we mods would very much appreciate it if all members would tag their own posts. The tagging is pretty straight forward, fics will mainly be tagged by pairing, but here are the tags explained.

bandcest - fics where everyone gets in on the fun
fanart - pictures
fanvid - videos
ot3 - trios
♦ot3: other - for those times where it's suju/suju/nonsuju
♦generally, tags will be created for anything suju/smtown member
pairing - used for two members in close quarters (friendship, romance, pwp, etc)
♦4+ - any fic that has four or more members in close quarters (friendship, romance, pwp, etc)
subject - single member centric (can also be used for fic examining band dynamics)
♦pairing: various - to be used with 5+ pairings in one fic
with - fic contains another band in a prominent role
♦please include this tag for fics with suju/nonsuju

Tagging is set up so that only the author of a post (and the mods and maintainers) can add tags. If you need a new tag created, ask one of the mods and we will make it for you, but bare in mind that tag space is limited and new pairing tags will only be made for pairings with more than one fic. Otherwise use the Suju member/other tag. If you add the wrong tags you will not be able to fix it, for whatever strange reason LJ won't let you. So if you make a mistake just grab a mod and we will remove any wrong tags.

If you are new to LJ or are unfamiliar with the actual process of tagging, under the cut is an illustrated how to guide.

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If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to ask one of the mods. Pick a mod and PM them, or comment in a mod post of the suggestion post.
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MOD POST - Tagging

Hello dear members,

This is just to let you know that you are now able to tag your own posts and we mods would be very grateful if you would do that. Technically the tagging was opened yesterday, but LJ is/was down for me so I couldn't tell you. LJ is still a bit spotty for me as I am apparently one of the ISPs blocked, so if this post goes through it will be a miracle :)

There will be a proper how to tag post, but that is going to have to wait until LJ stops being a dick.
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[modpost] Fundraising Project for victims of the monsoon

There is a fundraising project underway, for the victims of the monsoon and tropical storm affecting the Phillippines. In order to help in any way, we're encouraging (and hoping) for anyone who is interested to participate and help raise money. Anyone and everyone, writers or readers or both! For more information, please check out this post over at sonyeoncheonji for more information, and to help raise some money!
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Mod post - recruiting for tagging, please help :)

Hey there everyone! So, we mods are still working on back tagging all the entries of the comm and happily we are just about half done, yay. Not so happily we still have a lot more to do, so this is a call out for volunteers to once again help with all the back tagging. If you are interested in helping out then please comment here to let me know. It doesn't matter if you can only commit a little time to it, any help will be much, much appreciated.

Thank you to the awesome, awesome people who have already helped us out you were awesome and did an awesome thing. If any of you are still interested in tagging and you missed the check in post at miraclestaff, let me know.
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mod post - entry page issues

LJ is screwy.

After looking into the problem of the entry page I have found that it is something wrong with LJ itself. There are several users over in the LJ support requests who are having the same issue.

ETA: Apparently this issue is only happening to users and communities with an underscore before their names (like _starcandy) or after (like miracle______) You can still post to the comm and for some of you viewing the comm in your own journal will help, though that won't work for everyone.
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mod post - attention peoples

If you are online right now, if you are looking at miracle______ right now...then this message is for you.

I am about to start messing with the layout, so if things look a little hinky for the next IDK 15-30 minutes DON'T PANIC!! it will all be sorted soon. This post will likely self destruct once the new layout is in place, but still feel free to comment and say hi if you're around right now :)

ETA: Ok, new layout is in place, we would very much like your opinion.

Also, may I direct you all once again to the suggestion post, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, or if there is anything you would like to see in the community please drop us a line
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Mod post - posting template

Please do not change the default text settings of your post. What looks great in your journal doesn't look so good on the friends list on someone else's journal.

Most of the time the problem of the default text being overridden is caused by people using the rich text format posting option. It's highly recommended that you don't use the rich text posting option (because it's evil.) Bad coding on a RTF post can result in broken layouts and a lot of people getting cranky.

In place of using the RTF option I would recommended downloading a LJ client, there is a list of them here.

Otherwise, here is a handy posting template containing all the coding you need for your post. Just copy and paste the text in this box into the HTML posting option, enter your own text, insert the link to your fic where indicated and you are good to go.

If you are unsure about anything ask the mods before posting. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, pick a mod and PM them or drop us a line in the suggestion post
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Advertisement Master Post

(New) Advertisement Master

Please post your advertisements here!

Remember to include any community info you want posted. If you're posting a graphic, please make sure it isn't so big that it breaks layouts. You don't have to include the html for your ad but it's the best way to ensure everything looks the way you want it to, also it's easer on us and that is always awesome.

Ads that are deemed irrelevant to the interests of this community, profane, or otherwise unacceptable will be deleted.

Advertisements will be posted on the 1st (by sujulovenl) and 15th (by lightly) of every month. If you have a time sensitive fic challenge then permission may be given for you to post the ad when you need to, as long as you ok it with the mods first. (note that in the case of time sensitive challenges, they do need to be either predominately Suju related or multifandom.)
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Thanks to everyone who applied to help us all with the modding! There were a lot of really great ideas, and a lot of real enthusiasm which was really good to see! It was a hard choice, but in the wake of hoyah stepping down, and hyperballad focusing more on the tagging, we feel that we've picked three excellent new mods to help us out around here!

So I'd like to bring your attention to the three new members of our team:

thundersquall, lightly & sujulovenl!

We're really excited to have them on board, and we're hoping to clean up things a bit around here now, and start talking about any new challenges/exchanges/etc that we can start up from here!

So let's all welcome our new mods and look forward to the future! :D