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This is the new Fic Search post! As our tags are still in the process of being sorted out (a lot has been back tagged now though, so you can use them!) this is the post to go to for all your fic searching needs.

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Happy fic searching!
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~ I'm looking for a fic

Please delete this if it isn't allowed ^^
I'm looking for a Kyuhyun&Hankyung fic I've read awhile ago.
They look at a magazine for sex tips or something like that xD
And I think they try doing it on the washing machine or something, but then they break it and Leeteuk gets mad at them.
And I think they try in the pantry as well, I'm not sure ^^"

So if anyone knows this fic, please post it ^^
~thank you, and I'm sorry if I'm breaking any rules :x
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a kihae , with donghae being distracted so easily , there's this part where donghae danced to so hot and eunhyuk joined and kibum wanted to slap that person whose  phone was ringing  until he realised it was his . he warned the other members not to call or come to their dorm . mentions of harr potter . can't remember much . sorry if this isn't allowed . the fic was so funny and i can't find it now
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Help :o

I'm Looking for a Sichul/Hanchul fic.

It's fairly new.
In the fic, Siwon and Heechul are dating first, but Siwon abuses Heechul, one day runs out of the house and runs
into Hankyung on the sidewalk. Hankyung takes Heechul back to his house, and offers to let him stay at his house until
he's found a new place. Heechul goes back to get his things and Siwon starts to hurt him again and then Hankyung
runs in.

That's all I can remember, sorry for the bad summery.

But thanks in advance :)
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 I feel stupid for having to do this but...  So, I need help in looking for a fic. It was a multichaptered and the pairings were Eunhae, Kangteuk, Kyumin, Sichul(??) (maybe some other also....) Eeteuk, Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Siwon (and maybe some one else, I can just remember these persons -.-) were members in a popular group in Korea. Kangin, Donghae, Kyuhyun and Heechul were like anti-fans and they did something to them and got caught and then they had to spend one/two months with them in their apartment.
And then things started to happen.
But that's all I remember and I can't find it anymore because I forgot what itw as called and so on. Please help me.


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hey everyone:)
i'm looking for two fics, both of which are kihae.

the first one is a fic where donghae is "imaginary" and he's kibum's best friend, then kibum stops believing in him and donghae disappears until kibum goes back to his hometown and finds donghae again. then donghae disappears again. it's sort of vague, i know, i'm sorry.

the second one is where there's a game that's sort of virtual reality, and kibum plays it all the time and he meets a guy named donghae, who doesn't have any stats. but kibum starts to like him, and it turns out donghae is a "flagrant" something, which means he's not a real person, just someone invented but acts like a person. they're also illegal, so the mods want to get rid of donghae. it's also a dbsk/suju crossover.

i know my summaries aren't that great, but i'd really appreciate it if someone could find these fics for me :) 
mods, if this is against the rules, sorry :-/ remove the post if it is.

thanks! :)