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Life couldn't get better...

...without you baby

M I R A C L E ~Super Junior Fanfiction/Fanart~
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life couldn't get better

Welcome to Miracle ~ A Super Junior Fanfiction and Fanart Community.

This community is designed to cater to anyone who wants to share their creativity in either fanfiction, fanart, or other fan mediums involving Super Junior. Everything in this community is fiction and therefore will be treated as just that. Welcome to the comm, we hope you enjoy your stay!


Our archiving system is currently under construction! Refer to this mod post for the latest update.

your mods

lightly Contact - Email: frayen[@]gmail.com or Via PM or twitter
sujulovenl Contact - PM or twitter

Drop us a comment at the suggestion post.


1. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING! This is about LJ-cuts, all fics when posted in their entirety to the comm must go behind an LJ-cut (but never the header).

2. There is a limit on posting: only one post per member per day. This is to prevent congestion on the comm and everyone's friendslists.

Keep in mind that as soon as the update page is opened that is the date and time that will be reflected on the final post. Even if you don't push the "Post to miracle______" button until 12:01 AM the next day, the date and time stamp will be the same as whenever you opened the update page.

3. All fics must have a header that includes the following: title, pairing/subject, rating and summary!

4. Fanworks only, please. This means no file sharing, graphics, macros, icons etc. Fanfic and fanart only. This also now includes beta request posts. Please refer to our affiliate willbetaforfood for those kinds of posts. All irrelevant posts will be deleted promptly.

5. Anything under the Super Junior name is up for grabs! Meaning all works must include at least one member under the Super Junior name, playing some kind of central role.

6. All entries posted at the comm must be immediately accessible to all members for a period of 72 hours after they go up. After that, it's up to the author what they want to do with it.

7. No one should be required to friend a fic journal, so if the entry is locked the policy ought to be "comment to be friended" and not "friend me and I'll friend you back."

8. Do not spam the community. This includes posting polls and reposting anything that you've already posted once before to the community. (Exceptions made in cases where a fic has been drastically edited.)

9. There is to be absolutely NO FLAMING of the artists, writers, readers, fictions or art. Be respectful and courteous to everyone. On that note - you may not demand that anybody comment to your work. "Please read and review" is a polite request, "Comment or diaf" is just plain rude.

10. No use of specialized font types, sizes, or colors. You may think it works as an attention getter, but it can be obnoxious, annoying, and painful to some eyes.

11. All fictions or art that deal with adult themes must be place behind an LJ-CUT with a warning.

12. All icons must be work-safe.

13. To advertise, refer to our advertisement master post, which can be found here. Advertisements will be posted twice a month.

14. All fic requests can be made at our weekly master requests posts, which can be found under the requests tag.

15. Last but not least~ BE SURE TO HAVE FUN!

miracle______ works on a three-strikes policy, and if a moderator must warn you at least three times for rule-breaking, posting ability will be removed for up to a month or more.

With that in mind, a moderator also has the ability to ban without prior warning, if a situation requires it.

community challenges

♥ ♥ 100 SuJu Fics Challenge

helpful posts

How to Post to miracle______
Ratings and Warnings: How To
A Useful Post of Useful Things


Layout and profile codes by street_of_mercy, tag box codes by sireesanwar and pretty header made just for the community by ithilmenel
family and affiliates

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miracle______ may contain fanworks that are of a mature nature. By joining this community, the reader assumes all responsiblity for the content they view.