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Wrong Love (part 4)

by Chichi333

" I wish I could told him the truth ... but obviously I can't ... too bad. It's not the end of the world. I know how to handdle my feelings. I'm a professionnal at it. He will never knew that my heart is burning for him because , I will never tell him. What 's the point ? He doesn't like me . It's okay ! As long that he trust me and like me as a friend , it's enough for me ... yes . It's enough for me ...".

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I'm done with putting my heart out there. All three fics that i wrote are now here. i hope you enjoy reading half as much as i have writing it^^
Title: Eeteuk and the Dong Bang boys
Rating: PG-13 to light R
Pairing: read to find out^^
Warning: none really, just some kisses
Summary: eeteuk and dong bang shin ki
Author's note: semi crossover.

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성민 - Tongue-in-teeth

first kisses

I wrote some first kisses for that meme and I decided to share :) if you like anything, feel free to friend my writing journal (mianhada), not this journal 8D and please comment~ i loves some comments C:

yunho/heechul, heechul/jaejoong, sungmin/junsu, hyukjae/junsu, eeteuk/yoochun, heechul/hankyung, shiwon/youngsaeng, kangin/heechul, heechul/hankyung/shiwon (r, beware plz)

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thank you <333
Giselle - in the throng
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Title: First Kiss Drabbles
Focus: DongHae, HeeChul, HanKyung, YehSung, EeTeuk, Chris, ShiWon, Nero, RyeoWook, YooChun, YunHo, JaeJoong, SungMin, HyukJae, JunSu, ChangMin, KangIn, KiBum, KyuHyun, TaeHwa, Chris, Stephanie
Word Count: 1859
Rating: G - PG-13
Notes: I did a meme, basically asking people to request pairings and promised to write their first kisses. :] This is the result.







-nero/ryeowook; ( + yehwook + ken/nero )-

-teukchun; ( + jaeho + horella + hyukhae + teuksu + kangin/changmin )-