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Flowers, Boys, Petals

Flowers, Boys, Petals

Title: Flowers, Boys, Petals
Theme: Roses, 032/100, 100 Suju Fics Challenge
Pairing: Shindong-centric, Yehsung/Ryeowook, Hankyung/Heechul, Kibum/Donghae, Shindong/OC
Rating: PG, Drama
Summary: Preparations for the fourth album are underway, and Shindong can’t help but let his eyes and mind wander as ten other young men wait patiently to flash the camera with their choreographed smiles. Beta'ed by mei_zi.
Status: One-shot. Complete.

He’s too old to be a flower boy, too old to be an idol to preteens who dream of a happily ever after that would never happen. )

burimyu - kumichan back
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Maybe, could it be, no way, right?

Title: Maybe, could it be, no way, right?
Pairing: Haesica (main), SunSun, KanginxTaeyon, HankyungxZhang Li Yin, SiwonxHyeyon
Synopsis: “Maybe, I’ve mistaken my love for him as a love for a friend. Maybe, it was just our relationship, our friendship deepening. Maybe what I was feeling for him wasn’t love. Maybe—“ A story about how two friends started out from having very long conversations that eventually led to love. Loosely based from Owl City's Saltwater Room.
Word Count: 2, 434
Disclaimer: I don't own Suju, SNSD or SME. I only own how I translated it into this story.

* Set early 2010.
* A bit AU-ish since I didn't include the lawsuits SME's being sued for, and SME doesn't hold an annual Christmas Ball ;)
* un-BETA-ed, so forgive the mistakes. :D

"Oh, Owl City's Saltwater Room?" 
Doojoon: your crinkly eye-smiles
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We Could Have Been [one-shot]

Title: We Could Have Been 
Author: yunsias 
Pairing: Siwon/Tiffany 
Rating: PG 
Genre: Fluff (a little bit of angst) 
Disclaimer: Don't own them. If I did, they would be happily married to each other now. 
Length: 1095 words
Summary: Stephanie Hwang never thought about falling in love and when she did, she ran away from her feelings.

So when she fell in love with him, she did what she could.

2 Ficlets + Behind that Smile of Yours

Jogging can be fun, SiwonxTaeyeon, PG, Major Fluff.
Taeyeon found exercising fun because she met this handsome guy who jogs every morning and began to feel love.

( "Wanna ride together with my bike?" )


Doll Masks, KyuhyunxSeohyun, PG, Fluffiness.
SeoHyun's lonely on Valentines' Day because she had to distribute yellow heart balloons to couples.

( 'How could a person draw so beautifully and gracefully?' )

A/N: Both inspired by the Seoul MV which features Super Junior and Girls' Generation.


behind that smile of yours
one (short) shot; pg; heeteuk; angst; (disclaimer) not mine
No one knew what's behind Park Jungsu, or also known as Super Junior's Leeteuk's smile. Only his dongsaeng by 9 days knew.

( Me looking out for you if you would fall is only 1% of what you did to protect and take care of me. )

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{snsd} sooyoung is a pretty dinosaurus

Fragile - Chapter 2

Title: Fragile / CHAPTER TWO /
Pairings: TaeWon, HanChul, KangTeuk, YunJae, OnKey + Surprise Ninja-OTP's and hidden stuff
Rating: PG - NC-17
Genre: General / Romantic / Angst / Hurt/Comfort / Comedy / Fluff / Smut
Type: Multi-chaptered
Disclaimer: The idea of the plot is absolutely my own; this story is the first multi-chaptered fanfiction focused on this pairing, as far as I know. Hungarian fandom is a little bit boring and not creative at all, so finally I decided to translate it. BUT - I do not own any of the characters, and I absolutely do not believe that fiction is the same as reality. ^_~
Summary: "... the novel about two boys in a million; two boys longing for love and appreciation in a world of money and outlook." The first multi-chaptered story about Choi Siwon and Lee Taemin, their epic crush, love, fail - and not at least, their glamourous life in SM Town.
Status: WIP still in Hungarian; Chapter 33 coming soon!
              TIP still in English; Chapter 3 coming soon!

Collapse )

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Fanfic Title: In the end...
Chapter: 5/~
Title: Gone...
Rating PG?
Pairings: erm...hinted Siwon/minwoo, ryeowook/hankyung, eunhyuk/kibum, kyuhyun/yesung
Summary: Hankyung tries to date Ryeowook, who thinks Hankyung is too much of a flirt. Yesung and Kyuhyun are close until Yesung falls in love. Sungmin realises he likes someone who’s already in a relationship.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but the plot and my laptop =(

Chapter 5
Chapter 4
Chapter 3
Chapter 2
Chapter 1