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[FanFic, OneShot] A Place Called Home

Title: A Place Called Home
Pairing: Jay x Rose (Trax), Jay (Trax) x Heechul (SuJu)
Raiting: PG (and only a little angsty)
Disclaimer: Fanfic. Don’t own anything nearly as hot
Summary: Taken from the point of Rose leaving Trax and Jay moving in with Heechul and all the small details I've read about them.
A/N: My first JayChul fic! Gaaahhh!! Don’t kill me please.. It was going to be short really but it just kept on going on and on and on when I finally sat down and wrote it out and … ohdeargod I think I massacred the JayChul pairing (apologies to all the wonderful writers of JayChul who made me fall in love with the pair) not to mention how I ended up writing a Jay x Rose as well *shoots myself* let me just put a warning to this..

Warning: Could be total crap cause I don’t know anything about Trax asides from their wonderful songs AND all I know of JayChul is mainly from Rella’s translated cyworld entries and the JayChul fics here. Not to mention it isn’t even much of a love story and even the title is too cheesy.. did I mention already that it could be total crap?


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Feat. HeeChul (Super Junior) with mentions of Typhoon/Jay Kim (Trax)
PG-13 for angst and self-love
Disclaimer: Don't own, no profit, for rlz.
Notes: Well, I'm late to my first class... But I had this rediculous urge to write that I couldn't pass up. To the Anae, who is my fellow TyChul 'shipper. Also to any other TyChul, or TyRella, or JayChul shippers. <3

Come out clean...

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"HeeChul, the Music Lover"
Feat. Jay/Typhoon (The Trax) x HeeChul/Cinderella (Super Junior)
Porn. Straight up porn.
Disclaimer: Same as all the others~ No ownership, no money-making. Don't know 'em, hopefully will someday.
Notes: This has nothing to do with my other TyChul fic that I posted- I just really wanted some Typhoon-Cinderella porn. :D'


TyChul Trax Jay HeeChul

"Anything and Everything." Part 1
Feat. Jay Kim/Typhoon (The Trax) x HeeChul/Cinderella (Super Junior)
PG for a meanie HeeChul? R-NC17 in Part 2.
Disclaimer: Don't know them, don't own them, and not making money off of this. Written just for fun~
Notes: Firstly- This is Eroguro_Hime, as you probably noticed by the icon. Seeing as I'm slowly writing more, I figured I'd make a writing journal so that people can add it and find my fanfiction more easily. So, feel free to add this journal all you like!

And secondly- I. Love. TyChul. Like you wouldn't even BELIEVE. They totally set themselves up for the pairing, what with Jay calling HeeChul his girlfriend, with Jay and HeeChul sharing a bed for 3-4 years... WITH JAY FRICKEN BATHING HEECHUL WTF. Yeah. Love. And- I apologize for the really shiesty ending. I just wasn't sure of how to cut this part off, but I promise, the second part will be better!

"Hear me..."
putting on them pants.

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Title: Firefly
Author: magnolium
Pairing(s): KiChul, ShiHan, KiHae
Rating: R
Chapter: 18/?
Warnings: AU set in New York, cussing, adult themes
Previous chapters: i // ii // iii // iv // v // vi // vii // viii // ix // x // xi // xii // xiii // xiv // xv // xvi // xvii
Summary: Everybody knows Heechul for his ability to lure a woman into bed in the blink of an eye. But it's up to a certain college student to discover that Kim Heechul isn't all sex and no brains. 

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