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Title: The Story on How One YunHo and One DongHae Ended Up Together (Also Known As The Time When Everyone Got Drunk and YunHae Began)
Pairings: YunHoxDonghae, JaeJoongxHeeChul, ChangMinxKibum, JunSuxSiwon, YooChunxSungMin, mention of HyukJaexDreamSu
Rating: Light R I guess
Summary: Title says it all I guess...
Author's Note: Thought it should post it here since it has Super Junior members. Sorry if them seem out of character. It's really late where I'm at and I haven't gone to bed yet.

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Random Behind Pairings (the rest)

this is it. this is the masterpiece in time for my birthday (and happy b-day to all july babies and all cancers^^)

Title: Random Behind Pairings (the rest)
Rating: pg-13 to hard R
Genre: a lil bit of this, a lil bit of that^^
Warning: swearing, implied sex, almost sex, crack, crack pairings, some bashing (but in good sport), slight ss501 bashing (but i do love them. you hurt the ones you love^^), slut!kyuhyun, kid-hating!hyesung, and anything else you happen to read upon^^;;
Summary: what i manage to pull out of the tissue box, 46 of 'em
Groups/Singers used: Suju, TVXQ, Shinhwa, ss501, w-inds., Group S, Se7en, Kim Jongkook, Haha, Fly to the Sky, Kim Jongmin, Lee Seungki, and Jang Woohyuk (but he's not in this set, sorry^^;;)
Authoress's note: um, yea. so some of these i'm proud of and some i wish i could do better, but i'll leave that up to y'all. for everyone who gave me prompts and pairings. and for all who read and comment. thank you all *kisses*

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Giselle - in the throng

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Title: Break Up Drabbles
Focus: HanKyung, Stephanie, KyuHyun, RyeoWook, ShiWon, Stella Kim, DongHae, SungMin, KangIn, EeTeuk, Miyavi, Tatsurou, Satochi, hyde, YunHo, Ryu, KiHyun, JaeJoong, HeeChul
Word Count: 1569
Rating: G - PG-13
Notes: I did a meme, basically asking people to request pairings and promised to write their break ups. :] This is the result.

-shiwon/stella kim ( + shihan );-


-haemin ( + donghae/bora );-



-shihae ( + shichul );-



성민 - Tongue-in-teeth

first kisses

I wrote some first kisses for that meme and I decided to share :) if you like anything, feel free to friend my writing journal (mianhada), not this journal 8D and please comment~ i loves some comments C:

yunho/heechul, heechul/jaejoong, sungmin/junsu, hyukjae/junsu, eeteuk/yoochun, heechul/hankyung, shiwon/youngsaeng, kangin/heechul, heechul/hankyung/shiwon (r, beware plz)

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thank you <333

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Title: MKMF Makes for Good Memories

Pairings (not in order, mind you): Jaechul, Jaebum, Jaeki, Jaewoo, Jaewoojin, light JaeChun, a TEENY bit of JaeMin, the SMALLEST bit of JaeHo (If you blink, you'll miss it. Really..), and just plain, good-old Jaesha-ing.

Rating: PG/PG13 (as expected. XD)

Notes: H.O.T. is a bad influence to my head, and it's JiHye's first day of winter break. Nuff said. Expect oddness of the Jihye brand.
Also: crossposted to hug______ and jaexanyone

WARNING: Minwoo-whoring, Jaejoong-whoring, and Heechul-whoring occurs. Badly. Trust me. >_>;;

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{kpop} 강인 ; Last Stand [NS]

First post :3

Hi. :3 I come bearing a ficlet-type-thing.

Title: Breathing Room
Author: pieces/lightest aka Kate
Rating: G
Pairing: Cinhae, with hints of past JaeJoong/Heechul (Jaechul :D) and JaeJoong/Donghae (JaeHae :D)
Comments: I'd call this my first FIC for this fandom. I've written plenty of drabbles mostly centering around the muses that me, wishpaper, and booshoo have and enjoy RPing with each other, which makes them somewhat hard to understand because it comes with a lot of backstory that only we understand. But I'm rambling. So I'll stop now. :x
This fic came into existance because wishpaper wrote a wonderful wonderful JaeCinHae drabble and got me thinking. I'd suggest reading that one first and then mine. :3

So was sleeping together his idea or yours? Or was it a mutual type thing?