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Fic: Fall In Love With You (last chapter)


Character: Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kibum + Ryeowook, Yesung
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Warning: Unbetaed
Summary: Eunhyuk, who is a person who never taken an interest on someone, has fall in love with a guy that rode a bus that will pass by his house which he sees almost everyday.
A/N: I can't believe I never updated this fic about one year. I so know no one will remember this but oh well~


“That” He rests his forehead on mine. “-is beating for you and you only”

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Triple Post - 100 Super Junior Fic Challenge

Title: 004.) Chocolate
Author: hn100702
Pairing: Yesung/Shindong
Rating: G
Notes: Nothing out of the ordinary. XD
Summary: Yesung slipped and he doesn't know when, why or how. Then ... Shindong enters into the scene.

You slipped on one of your dog's 'various messes'.

Title: 005.) Overworked
Author: hn100702
Pairing: Ryeowook/Kibum
Rating: PG-13
Notes: If Kibum came back, I would probably ship them. LOL! XD
Summary: Ryeowook is overworked and Kibum is horny.

I love it when you say my name like that.

Title: 006.) Burn
Author: hn100702
Pairing: Heechul/Yesung
Rating: G
Notes: Nothing out of the ordinary. XD
Summary: Heechul is sick and Yesung came to his ... rescue?

Yes, baby. I'm nervous about Yesung's cooking too.

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Title: Beautiful Lies of Rain
Pairing: Donghae/Ryeowook
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Warning: Implied attempted rape
Disclaimer: Fiction, all fiction.
Summary: Nothing but filth.
Author’s Note: My 16th entry for the 100 fic challenge. Prompt 056 Filth Donghae/Ryeowook. I really like how this one came out, what do you think?


Title: Wrong Number
Pairing: Leeteuk/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Warning: Sex, sex, sex.
Disclaimer: Fiction, fiction, fiction.
Summary: Leeteuk keeps getting messages from numbers he doesn’t know.
Author’s Note: My 15th entry for the 100 fic challenge. Prompt 088 Numbers Eeteuk/Kyuhyun. I’m actually pretty happy with this one, let me know what you think.


Title: True Love
Pairing: Kibum/Ryeowook
Rating: Heavy R
Genre: Slight Angst, Slight Smut, Slight Fluff
Warning: Contains some sex but not very graphic and language.
Disclaimer: Not real, I made it up. The boys don’t belong to me but to the SM.
Summary: Can Kibum feel?
Author’s Note: This was so not where I was going. I am kind of disappointed in this one. I would get started, get interrupted and when I would come back to it I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. So forgive me, the ending is really rushed. My 14th entry for the 100 fic challenge. Prompt 005 Overworked Kibum/Ryeowook.

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Some Wookie-Goodness

Collection of seemingly interconnected Everyone/Ryeowook drabble-oneshots.
More in the future ~

Title: Of Cups & Lust
Prompt: 002. Christmas
Character (s) / Pairing (s):  Heechul/Ryeowook
Genre: Humor, Romance (?)
Rating: PG
Heechul is being Heechul & Ryeowook is used to it...well, that's what he thinks anyways.

( “It's nice..thanks.” Ryeowook answered, even though the older member already concluded the fact that it was a wonderful gift and he had no say to the matter whatsoever. )

Title: A Way to a Wife's Heart is Through Her Cooking
Prompt: 005. Overworked
Character (s) / Pairing (s):  Kibum/Ryeowook
Genre: Humor, Fluff, Romance
Ryeowook attempts to get Kibum to eat, but the actor has his eyes on something else.

( "Eat it, or I'll feed you myself." )

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Seduction? (Kangin/Ryeowook)



[One-Shot] Just Us Two

Title: Just Us Two
Author: Knowmonsta
Pairing: Kim Heechul/Kim Kibum (Friendship); Kim Kibum/Kim Ryeowook
Words: 1,814
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship/Romance/Humor
Summary: There's always that one person who you trust with your secrets, who steers you in the right direction, and who's not afraid to tell you when you're wrong. That's what Kim Heechul and Kim Kibum are to each other. (Seven drabbles from the Super Junior random pairing generator).

Eleven other members. His chances for privacy are minimum, most likely impossible.

YeWook - pouty

you're lying, but i'm falling (i always do)

Title: you're lying, but i'm falling (i always do)
Pairing: Kibum/Ryeowook (broken), Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2,009
Summary: Ryeowook mindfucks Yesung by playing both him and Kibum. Despite the pairings stated, this is purely YeWook PWP, with broken!KiWook as the background.

A/N: Written rather long ago, but I never posted this, and was persuaded to by [info]loveisonthemenu , because she complained of being deprived of YeWook porn. So this is dedicated to her and to [info]chibi_roses (happy birthday!). Special thank-you shoutouts to [info]rasinah , [info]hyungdeul , hotarumyst , and [info]ficcy too, because these lovelies write me so much YeWook.

Also, KiWook is apparently the only other Ryeowook pairing I can handle, besides YeWook. But that's only because Kibum makes everything hot as hell.

Ryeowook had chosen Kibum over him. He'd chosen Kibum, and that still burned. )

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Title: Random Drabbles of HUMOR...yeah?
Rating: PG...?
Theme: Super Junior Random Pairing Generator
Summary: “Can’t we watch something more exciting?” “You mean like a porno?” “…SHUT UP Kyuhyun.”


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