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built this house on broken dreams ` bel


Title: Four Drabbles
Pairings: TeukMin, KyuHyuk, KyuSung && YeTeuk
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: Kidnapping (KyuSung)
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Crack
A/N: All drabbles written because of a song.
Summaries: Leeteuk gets teased by Sungmin. Eunhyuk meets Kyuhyun on a rooftop in Seoul. Kyuhyun wakes up to be tied up by Yesung. Leeteuk waits for another prince to save her.
TeukMin | KyuHyuk | KyuSung | YeTeuk
built this house on broken dreams ` bel


Title: Your Tears are Like Diamonds - Chapter Four & Five
Pairings: Main!Yewon, KiMin
Rating: R
Warnings: Abuse, Substance Abuse, Bad Language, Genderswap!Sungmin, Murder, Some Non-Con
Challenge: for the 100 Fic Challenge - #22 Diamonds, #23 Tears
Genre: AU!Superhero
Notes: I'm hoping to get 8/13 done by next week! This fic should be done soon guys.
Previous Chapters: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3
Summary of Chap Four: Kibum confers to a mutant barista, and Sungmin makes a promise.
Summary of Chap Five: Siwon and Ryeowook practice and Yesung searches for the healer in the night.

Title: The Routine
Pairing: YeTeuk side!SiChul
Rating: G
Challenge: 37/100 - 079 Same Old Thing
Genre: Fluff
Warning: Girl!Teukie
Notes: Hopefully this will remove some of the 70 gap! And P.S, pregnant!teuki is something that I see so well.. and I watch a lot of rom-coms where the wife is pregnant..
Summary: Yesung loves Saturdays - there's a routine to it, but he wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Fic: It Serves It's Purpose

Title: It Serves It's Purpose (a.k.a. Secret Room)
Author: broadway_bound3
Pairing: Yesung/Leeteuk, hinted Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: R (handjob)
Wordcount: 1,452
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea.
Warning: Un-beta-d. I didn't even read over it when I typed the last word. >.>

Summary: There's a room that no one notices in the SME building, but everyone knows what it's for. Leeteuk is carrying a heavy load of stress and he knows there's something in that room that will help relieve him.

Collapse )

100 Days in Japan: Day 2

Title: 100 Days in Japan (Day 2)
Pairing(s): Kangin/Kyuhyun, Leeteuk/Yesung
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: Super Junior lost in Japan without their manager and armored with limited knowledge of Japanese language. What will happen to them?

Previous: Day 1

Leeteuk was terrified. It had been three freaking hours since he lost his way in Shibuya without a map, and to top it off, he was stuck with Yesung.


100 Days in Japan: Day 1

Title: 100 Days in Japan (Day 1)
Pairing: Leeteuk/Yesung, Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul
Theme: #16 Disguise
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Adventure
Summary: Super Junior lost in Japan without their manager and armored with limited knowledge of Japanese language. What will happen to them?
A/N: This is supposed to be my entry for SJ 100 fic challenge but I can't use all the theme provided. So I decide to keep writing and forget about entering the challenge. I will use some of the theme though for some chapters.

Leeteuk was facing a very big problem. A very, very, very, very, big problem, mind you. No, he didn’t try to commit suicide, and wasn’t mobbed by his fans or anything like that. He was lost.

Song Drabbles...

Okay.. so... I know I've been on a hiatus x.x But that's because of school!!!! I've been actually working on stuff and it's taking time x.x
Now, you probably don't want to hear my ranting, so here's these song drabbles to keep you sane...
Happy Readings and Comment!!!!!

Ratings= Most of them r like PG-13 x.x but idk, i suck at deciding that

Love Drunk Yewook (Yesung + Ryeowook) 
Why I Like You Hansung (Hankyung + Yesung)
Everything You Want Yeteuk (Leeteuk + Yesung) Sequel of Why I Like You
Catch Me Yemin (Yesung + Sungmin)
Heartbreaker Yewon (Yesung + Siwon)
All My Heart Kisung (Kibum + Yesung)
Face Down Yery (Yesung + Henry)
Crush Taesung (Taemin + Yesung)

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The Beginning

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Title: wake up soon
Pairing: YeTeuk, YeHae
Chapter: 7/?
Rating: PG
Subject: Drama/love
Summary: i just love their brotherhood and Leeteuk's role as the eldest is really amaze me. thanks for those who keep reading my fic. i really really appreciate it. do comments to let me know my weaknesses and mistakes.

I'm so jealous of Teukie hyung once we went in, he lay next to Yesung hyung and Yesung hyung embraced his arms. Yesung hyung never had been so close to other people like that nowdays. Does he remember anything? Maybe he began to remember Teukie hyung so if it’s true, I will wait patiently for a moment he'll remember me though.