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[fic]Ja nai~! Chapter 1

Title:Ja Nai!
Characters: Heechul, Suju, various korean and japanese artists. ^__^
warnings: weirdness, shounen ai and own dark humor? XD
Summary: Heechul enrolled to Niji Private High, a co-ed dorm school, to get his brother Jaejin back. The thing is...the only slot available was on the girl's dorm. ^__^

Ja nai~!
Chapter1: Beauty Crew
It was not the first time Heechul wanted to kill his twin. In fact, he knew he's better off as a single child. Even though having a twin do have its perks (like in third grade where he's able to get away from his cleaning duties because his classmates cannot distinguish who's who) but sometimes, Kame's really one big pain on his lovely behind.

Like right about now.

"Come on. Sure, Oniichan might laugh but he'll be a big help! He's a fashion designer so he probably knew how to dress you up!"

Heechul stared at Kame like he had grown another idiotic head.

"Kame, Miya-niichan's fashion is not your every day girl fashion. He'll turn me into some punk/goth/lolita with frilly laces and giant pink ribbons!"

"Well...maybe he knew someone then?" Kame looked at Heechul with his own version  of puppy eyes. "Oh come on chul, he's our only hope! If you're really doing this, at least do it the right way!"

Heechul sighed. If there's one thing he knew they share it's stubborness.

"Fine. But you're the one who's gonna beg."



Miyavi stared at his brothers like they're saying he should dye his hair neon green.

"What? Are you sure?!"

Kame nodded while Heechul just give an apathetic look. After 3.5 seconds, the whole apartment was filled with Miyavi's laugh.

"Oh my Chul, you're killing me! PWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Heechul snorted.

He really wants to kill Kame.

"Please miya-niichan! It's for Jaejin after all..." Kame trailed off. He knew Miyavi's a lot worst than Heechul so he purposely didn't include the reason before.

"PWAHAHAHAHAHAHA-Wait, what? What about Jin-chan?" Miyavi stopped mid-laugh.

"Well..." then Kame proceeded telling him about Jaejin's enrollment with some added little lies like how Jin's crush seduced their brother and he's being picked on and so on and so forth.

While Kame feed their oldest brother's mind with Jaejin's unfortunate circumstance, Heechul can't help but be proud.

'At least he picked up that Bakanishi's creative tongue and that schizo pi-chan's pity eyes.'

"That's the reason. So you really have to help us!" Kame finished his story with  Yamapi's trademark pout.

"Fine. I'll help. If only i'm younger I'd do it myself. Heechul!" Miyavi turned to Heechul and grabbed his shoulders. "I'm counting on you. Bring our brother back, and without his knowledge, please do hurt his crush."

Heechul smirked. "Of course oniichan."


Heechul, Kame and Miyavi arrived infront of huge mansion gates. Heechul vaguely remembered the place as the house of one of their father's unusual friends. He barely remembers everything but he knew there's a room there full of glass tanks where you can see floating eyeballs.

" this..."

"I think so..." without conscious thought, the twins held hands like they used too when they're small.

"Let's go." Miyavi lead the way as the huge iron gates opened.

Kame and Heechul shared a look before following their Hyung.


"Welcome Miyavi-san. What can we do for you?" a creepy looking man greeted them in the front door. His face was made up like a harlequin but he's wearing coat and tie.

"Thank you Kozi-san. Is Mana-sama around?" Miyavi greeted back.

"Hai. Mana-dono will be attending to you for a short while. You can wait at the study if you like." Miyavi nodded. Kozi then lead them to a large room filled with books. Kame and Heechul opted to sit on the bench while Miyavi sat on the chair infront of the main desk.

After a few minutes, an elegant looking woman dressed in dark blue dress entere the room with Kozi.

"Pleasant afternoon, Mana-sama." Miyavi greeted. Heechula nd Kame stood up and bowed aswell. Mana nodded before proceeding on the main chair, Kozi standing behind it.

"Mana-sama, we need your help." Miyavi then started telling them the situation. Mana just stayed silent the whole time, nodding when needed. After the explanation, Mana stared at the two before asking Kozi to bend and whisper something to his ear.

"Mana-dono agreed to help. But they have to agree to three rules. First, no quitting, Two, no one outside should know and last, if they fall inlove during the time they were pretending, they had to make sure that the person who fell in love with them loved their real self and not the make pretend." Kozi relayed Mana's word.

"What if we have no choice but to reveal it?" Heechul stared at Mana's eyes.

Again, Mana whispered to Kozi the answer which he relayed, "If such event should occur, make sure that person will keep it as a secret. The reason for this is simple. If people already knew you're not what you appear to be, what's the point of pretension? So abide by the rules and we'll gladly help you."

Miyavi stared at his brother, "Are you sure chul?"

"Do we have a deal, Heechul-san?" Kozi asked.

Heechul held Kame's hand, looked around before nodding. "Deal."

Mana then stood up and left the room.

"Please wait here while Mana-dono assembles the Beauty Crew." Kozi bowed then left.


After some time, Kozi entered the room with a group of people in tow. Kame and Heechul can't help but be mesmerized by the person's faces while Miyavi waved at them.

"You're all part of the Beauty crew?" Miyavi asked the blonde one.

"Hai." the blonde man smiled. Miyavi let out a sigh in relief.

"I'm glad. So I'll take my leave now. Kame, you should probably leave too. They only need Heechul here." Miyavi stood up. Since he knew these people can be trusted, he can leave his brother on their skillful hands.

"But..." Kame protested but was stopped by Heechul.

"Go. Afterall, I'm on a solo flight when I get back home."

"Fine. but promise to call when you're finished, k?"

"Promise." at that, Kame hugged his twin before leaving with Miyavi.

"Kozi-san, tell Mana-sama I owe him one." Miyavi's last words as they left the mansion. kozi nodded before turning to Heechul's direction.

"Heechul-san, please meet your senseis. Aya-chan," Kozi introduced the pink haired one, "Is in charge of your wardrobe."

"Nice to meet you!" Aya greeted. Heechul smiled back.

He then pointed at the two dressed on elegant dresses. "Rame-san and Satsuki-san will be incharge of hair, make-up and all that jazz of being a girl." The two nodded and gave Heechul a tiny smile.

"Yura-sama will be your teacher on posture, manners and grace." Kozi then introduced the blonde man.

"I'm not that strict but I do want you to give your all. Can I count on that?" Yura-sama looked at Heehcul with stern eyes.

"Hai." Heechul stared back. Yura gave him an approving smile.

Mana then entered the room and gave Heechul the key to his room. This was Kozi's signal to say the words Heechul needed to know.

"Your lesson will end after two weeks. After that, even your twin won't recognize you. Tonight, look at your boy-self. Because starting tomorrow, you'll become a girl."


Some keypoints:
Oniichan-older brother
-san, -sama,-dono, -chan -these are honorifics.

Character maps:
The original one was lost so these were rushed. They didn't even have the description. So anyone who's willing to help, please help me TT_TT. The only thing I can exchange for that is a fic. *puppy eyes*
Tags: subject: heechul, with: ft island, with: kat-tun, with: m.i.l.k, with: malice mizer, with: miyavi, with: other, with: psycho le cemu, with: satsuki, with: ss501, with: vidoll

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