bling_chullie (bling_chullie) wrote in miracle______,

Lonely, Forgotten, Lost [HanChul]

title: Lonely, Forgotten, Lost
pairing: HanChul
rating: ...PG? ...better PG-13 to be sure?? i donno exactly, sorry
genre: angst but with a happy (?) ending
summary: How HeeChul feels after a few month after HanGeng had left Super Junior.
notes: I know almost everyone has already written about heechuls feelings or hangengs when he left super junior. and i actually dont write hanchul, but i felt so sorry for heechul, and i kind of feel like ive written this situation....just like im not that crazy....i hope...^.^ so as always my english is not the best and its not betad sorry, but ive no one. so i hope this will do.

you can read it hear =)
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng

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