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Update Cigarettes and Rooftops + drabble

Title: Cigarettes and rooftops Chapter 4
Paring: Leeteuk/Heechul (sides: sides: Hyukjae/Donghae, Leeteuk/Donghae, Heechul/Donghae, Heechul/Hankyung)
Rating: nc-17
Genre: Drama, romance AU and a little angst
Warning: cursing, smoking, sexual situations, oral sex, masturbation
Summary: (I suck at this) If there was one thing Heechul though he would never be, it would be in love with someone.
And if there was one thing that Jungsu hated about being in love with someone, it was that he was too shy to talk to them.
Notes: This is a school related AU. In this everybody's using their real names and their stagenames are their nicknames. You'll get it ^^

He really wanted to go out and get to the rooftop, hoping that Heechul would be there. He wasn’t sure the other man would, something just told him so

[Chapter 1]
[Chapter 2]
[Chapter 3]


Title: Untitled
Paring: Leeteuk/Heechul
Rating: pg
Genre: Hurt/comfort, angst
Words: 305
Summary Soon they will be gone from under the spotlights, and the make-up and the microphones will be replaced by dirt and guns.
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/heechul

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