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ME? Falling in love with this guy! Impossible... or perhaps not... (Chapter 23)


: ME? Falling in love with this guy! Impossible... or perhaps not...
Author : ime_fr but u can call me ime ^^
Length: chaptered (it'll be a bit long, I don't know since I'm writing with the feeling but what i'm sure it's a long story since i have many ideas maybe around 30 chapters)
Characters : Heechul, Sungmin, Joohee (fic girl) yunho, Eunhyoung (fic girl), yoochun, Soyoun (fic girl), junsu, hankyung, ryeowook, and please CLICK ON THE FOREWORDS to have the characters' details cause it's important to the story.
Genre : comedy, romance, a bit drama
Pairing : it's a normal fic so you'll know the pairing if you'll read the story...
Rating : everybody can read it since I don't write rated scenes lol I'll focus on the characters' personalities and problems ^^ so i think it'll be PG-13
Summary : What will you do if just one meeting is sufficient to change your life? But what will happen when a girl is getting closer to her first love while the other one is losing trust in him? Or when you have feelings for someone and you don't want to confess knowing that this person is already in love with someone else? Or what if you broke up with the love of your life because...

Chap 23

and here the Forewords  for the new readers.
Tags: pairing: unspecified

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