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(3 Hearts - 1 Love) - Chapter 2 [HaeHyuk/EunHae]

TITLE : (3 Hearts - 1 Love)
AUTHOR : Maiki_Rashu (MOI)
CHAPTER:  2 / ??
PAIRING : Donghae ♥ Hyukjae
SIDE PAIRING : Donghae ♥ OC / Siwon ♥ Hyukjae (slight) / maybe others later
SUMMARY : So far, Donghae is happy with his girlfriend and he believes that he really loves her... Until she decides to introduce him to her "lovely" little brother.
WARNING : language
GENRE : Alternative Universe, Drama, Romance,
DISCLAIMER : Everything is mine from the plot to all the grammar/spelling mistakes and other typos. But not the guys...

MAIKI's THOUGHTS 1: Finally here's Chapter 2!!! Enjoy your reading~ ♥
Spot for lily_chan76!

Read Previous Chapters: Chapter 1 

NEW CHAPTER: (3 HEARTS - 1 LOVE) - Chapter 2 

Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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