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Behind the Manor's Iron Gates (7/?)

Title: Behind the Manor's iron gates
Pairing: YeWook / KyuWook
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ryeowook's parents died in a fire when he was young. Now after running away from his foster home, he has taken the job at the great Cho Manor where he is the cook, housekeeper and playmate of the noble brothers; Cho Yehsung and Kyuhyun.
Disclaimer: I own them ALL!!!!! Mwahaha!...Jk:)

So... another chapter :) hope the last one wasn't too much for you hehe. Ah and ive got the kinda laptop back... sorry for disappearing again hehe hopefully this will make up for it? xox

Yehsung woke as the gentle beams of sunlight, that had found their ways through the gap in his curtains, slowly drew him away from his deep slumber. After a quick cold shower to wake himself up he left his room only to see his younger brother sneaking out of Ryeowooks room. His hair was messy and he was still in his pajamas indicating he had spent the night there.

The younger man didn't see Yehsung, and he crept back into his room, a happy grin on his face.

Anger. That was the first emotion that welled up inside of Yehsung. Next came jealousy, then betrayal. After standing in the hallway for a good few minutes these feelings subsided and he realized that his brother was the same as him just one step behind.

It had been like this their whole life. Yehsung would do something and Kyuhyun would repeat it consciously or subconsciously.

With this in mind the older brother remembered that he too had spent the night in Ryeowooks room only a few days before.

'OK. It's time to talk to Kyuhyun about this.' He thought to himself.

'We should compromise and set some rules,' he pondered as he swept past Ryeowooks door and swiftly knocked on Kyuhyuns.

'Come in.' Came his reply.

'Kyuhyun, we need to talk.' Yehsung said plainly, their eyes connected and a silent message told Kyuhyun what his older brother had in mind for the subject. He nodded slightly and sat down on his desk chair.

Yehsung remained standing as he crossed his arms.

'Look, I saw you coming out of his room this morning, but you can't keep him for yourself. Thats just selfish.'

'Oh, yeah? Well what about when YOU spent the night in his room? This is a two way thing. You can't have him if I can't have.' Kyuhyun snickered.

He was well aware of the fact that when he had seen was a secret and neither if the other knew he had been watching.

Yehsung sighed,'so you did see. I felt someone looking that night,' he sat down on a chair and crossed his legs.

'Then we have both lost our control once, but from now on we need some rules.' Yehsung stated.

'I agree, of course the first one should be; neither of us are allowed to go all the way with him. He's too innocent to be rashly taken in the spur of the moment.'

'OK, then the second rule is we can only claim one kiss from him each day. Unless he initiates it in which case it doesn't count.'

The two nodded their heads in agreement and stayed quiet for a while. Thinking of anything else that would bind the other but not have much of an impact on him.

'Ah! The last one then, should be: All outings, dates and trips must be accepted by the other.' Yehsung smirked at Kyuhyuns failed attempt the day before at taking Ryeowook on a date without him being there.

'Humph, well if thats the case that means you can't try and rub your smooth charm off on him if I'm there.' Stated Kyuhyun.

'OK, agreed?'


What the brothers didn't count on was that someone else was secretly growing a crush on their cute little servant boy.

When Ryeowook woke up, his body felt heavy and his lips turned up slightly at last nights memories. The light shone through his windows and he snuggled down further into his soft bedding. He was getting rather used to waking up like this.

He climbed out of bed and since it was Sunday he took an extra long shower, basking in the strawberry smell of his shampoo. He grabbed a white fluffy towel and reminded himself to do some washing later.

When Ryeowook got to the kitchen to make breakfast, he smiled to himself and made an extra yummy breakfast to go with his good mood. The table was soon filled with pancakes smothered in syrup, eggs and bacon like a proper English breakfast, and the usual toast and cereal.

He had just placed the last dish down when the brothers entered looking very solemn. Kyuhyun winked at him making Ryeowook blush bright red. He dipped his head and made a beeline to the door.

'I'm going to be out for a few hours but I'll be back in time to make lunch, if you have any washing you need doing just put it in your basket and I'll do it when I get back.'

Just as he stepped out of the door an arm wrapped around his thin waist and a broader chest pressed against his back. He froze on the spot and slowly turned around in the long arms. Kyuhyun leaned in closer, his breath on Ryeowooks cheek made the later blush again.

'Ne, Wookie. Aren't you eating breakfast with us? You can't expect us to eat it all by ourselves. There's so much!'
Kyuhyun smirked and then beamed happily at that smaller boy who fit so perfectly in his arms.

'I've already had some Kyu, if you can't finish it then I'll wrap it up later and we can have it as snacks. OK? So can you let go of me now?'

'Where are you going? Can I come?' Kyuhyun said tightening the grip of his arms and raising a eyebrow at Ryeowook.

Ryeowook sighed at Kyuhyuns stubbornness and looked over his shoulder at Yehsung for help. The older boy made no move to perform such a service since he himself was quite curious.

Ryeowook frowned since he knew the Cho brothers wouldn't like where he was going. Instead he raised himself onto tiptoes and pecked Kyuhyuns cheek. It was now the taller boys turn to blush. In the split moment where he was so surprised he didn't move, Ryeowook had slipped out of his arms, grabbed his coat and was out the front door.

Kyuhyun soon snapped out of his trance and slowly turned to face Yehsung. He smirked at his older brother who just rolled his eyes at his immature brother before digging into the feast in front of him.

Ryeowook hurried down the elaborate path to the big Iron gates of the Manor. He slipped past and ran straight into Siwon with a small 'oof'.

'Well, hello Ryeowook.' Siwon smiled down at Ryeowook who was blushing because of his embarrassment and because of the handsome face looking down at him. He quickly backed away and brushed himself off before standing straight again and he put on his best smile.

It was Siwons turn to blush at the sweet boy in front of him but he quickly asked:

'I'm sorry I haven't dropped by to say hello or anything but we are expecting the master to return soon so everyone's extremely busy preparing the house. Anyway, how are you? Are you doing OK? The brothers have been known to be a bit of a handful.'

He stopped to breath which gave Ryeowook a chance to jump in.

'That's really OK, I've been busy too. The young masters are very... charming. I'm really enjoying the job so no need to worry.' He flashed the older man another angelic smile.

'Good, good. It seems like they have taken a liking to you. I'm not quiet sure why the previous servants quit. They haven't been very cooperative...' Siwon continued talking about various reasons that he thought were the cause.

Ryeowook smiled and just nodded along but he wasn't really listening in fact his mind had drifted off to what Kyuhyun had said about Yehsung and he blushed again when he thought of the first night he spent with someone else next to him when he slept.

'Ryeowook?...Ryeowook?' A voice called him back from his memories and he was greeted with Siwons concerned face with a slight tint of confusedness. Ryeowook gently shook his head telling the older man that he's fine.

'Mmmh, i bet the brothers are quite a handful, don't make yourself ill over them, Oh! I've got to go but again if you ever need anything just ask me or call the main house.' And with that Siwon jogged off down the larger path.

Ryeowook waved goodbye to the happy man before continuing on his way, half walking and half running till he got to a nearby cafe.

He was panting when he slipped through the glass door, his eyes scanning the small shop for a familiar face which he found almost straight away.


Ryeowook smiled and made his was to the other boy who was gazing at him with a strange smile plastered on his face. Books were spread out all over the table covering various subjects that Ryeowook had trouble concentrating on.

'Hey, Ryeowook. Ready to get started on our study date?'

Henry grinned at him so innocently that Ryeowook almost missed the last word. The small boy smiled back before answering.

'Yup, I'm all psyched up for our study session.' Ryeowook said, quietly emphasizing the last word.

Henry didn't seem to notice as he shuffled through the books with a silly grin on his face.

They spent the entire afternoon looking through the books that Henry brought and Ryeowook had to admit that his new friend was better than any teacher he had. In that one afternoon he had learned more than he had in the entire two weeks he was at the school.

After Henry had slurped up his last Latte and Ryeowook had gulped down his last mango slushy the two closed their books and sighed in content. They had had a lot of fun and had learned a lot about each other. For example Henry played the Violin and Ryeowook played the piano, Henry danced and Ryeowook sang.

After another hour of talking and promising to play, dance and sing for each other another time, Ryeowook finally looked at his watch just as his phone started buzzing.

He was shocked to see that it was already 6 and knew he wouldn't make it in time to make dinner at 6:30.

He picked up his phone and frowned at the name: Yehsung. How did he get his number?


'Ryeowook. Where are you?'

'Oh Yehsung, sorry I'm at a cafe with Henry. I completely lost track of the time. I'll hurry home now and start dinner.'



'Fine. Just come back quick.'


Ryeowook stared at the device in his hand before turning back to Henry, an apologetic smile on his face.

'Sorry Henry. I need to go. I had so much fun, we should do this again.'

Henry nodded and helped Ryeowook pack up his things. The two said good-bye and walked their separate ways.

Once back at the house Ryeowook ran into the kitchen and immediately put on his apron and started to cook. He made a quick and simple meal to make up for the loss of time and soon dinner was ready.

Nervous about their conversation on the phone earlier, Ryeowook walked to Yehsungs room. He knocked on the door softly before opening the door a smidgen. Yehsung was sitting at his desk deep in thought over his work. He did not see the small figure creep into his room and quietly peer over his shoulder.

'Ooh! What's that!?' Ryeowook giggled.

The sudden intrusion made Yehsung jump and he glared at Ryeowook, but the younger boy didn't notice and just continued looking at his work that his father had made him do as training for when he would take over the company.

'Nothing. Anyway, why were you gone so long Ryeowook? I don't like waiting for dinner and I really don't like people coming into my room and surprising me like that.'

Ryeowook glanced at Yehsung who although was a bit grumpy, didn't seem as mad as he was on the phone.

'Oh. Sorry I just wanted to tell you that dinners ready so come down and eat before it gets cold.'

Ryeowook pranced out of the room happy that he had uncovered a small mystery about Yehsung no matter how small it was.

Yehsung was left in his room eyes misted over as he stared at the small butt of his servant wiggle away as he skipped out of the room. He smirked slightly as the dirty thoughts entered his mind before he chuckled at Ryeowooks innocence.

He remembered that he and Kyuhyun still had a kiss each to claim off the oblivious boy and neither would let a day go by when they would waste a precious kiss from such a cutie.

Before he rose and left the room heading towards the kitchen Yehsung just muttered to himself:

'Dinners going to be interesting.'


Phew! This chapter made me happy for some reason. I think I'm gonna enjoy writing the next part. What shall I have the brothers do hmm? I definitely have some ideas for Kyuhyun although Yehsung may be quite hard. hmm well I'll do my best! FIGHTING FOR KRY!!! xox
Tags: pairing: ryeowook/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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