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Imperfectly Perfect Chp 2

Title: Imperfectly Perfect (3/?)
Author: xlolitsnozomix 
Pairing: Hankyung / Heechul
Rating: R for now..
Genre: angst, romance, fluff, AU, suspense
Words: 2500
Summary: Life has always been sort of quiet, content, and dreamlike for Kim Heechul. Unfortunately, nothing gold can stay, as he learns the hard way, when his perfect world goes tumbling upside down, inside out, and everything he thought he knew crumbles to ruins.  Hankyung and Heechul are put through the ultimate test to see just how strong their love is for each other. How far would they go?
A/N: longer chapter to make up for the short one last time >> enjoy ♥ Please leave comments if you liked....it really makes me happier ): a little bit of steamy stuff in this chapter! :D

 | Prologue | Chp 1 |

The red-head gasps a little bit and cups his hand over his mouth, recovering from the shock of losing his breath for a moment there. )
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng

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