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Lesson 1: Be Grateful of What You Have

Title: Lesson 1: Be Grateful of What You Have
Main Pairing: Donghae, Yuri
Other Characters: Heechul, Jessica
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Donghae was dating the girl of his dream, but he felt like he didn't love her anymore. Broken promises and lies, but he soon regretted it all.

That question keeps spinning inside Donghae's head. Even though he had the girl of his dream on his arms, but he felt empty.
"Hey, what are you thinking of?" The girl who was sitting next to him asked. This was the girl of his dream. The Black Pearl of the teenage pop sensation. He believed he loved her the most.
"Huh? Nothing, I was just wondering, what would our life be tomorrow..." That answer caused his cheek pinched.
"Don't lie." Kwon Yuri. That's her name.

The next day, Donghae woke up by the ringing of his cellphone. He hated it the most. After several rings, he finally picked it up. It was Yuri. He didn't hang up the call, but he didn't listen to her either. He just left the line opened and he went back to dream land. But he knew, Yuri was disappointed. The strange thing was, why didn't he feel guilty?
"DONGHAE-YAH!" Suddenly Donghae heard Heechul's scream. He got up in an instant.
"What is it?" His face looked panic when Heechul entered the room. It was never a good news when Heechul walked in his room like that. The last time he walked in, Heebum chewed on Donghae's favorite shirt.
"Nothing, I'm just making sure you're not dead. You looked pretty dead last night. Oh, by the way the other members are going out today. So we're alone here. Wanna go somewhere? I could die of boredom here." Donghae knew it wasn't an offer. It was an order. But it was also a good decision, if Yuri knew Donghae was home today, she might burst into anger, and that was the last thing everybody wanted to see on earth.

Heechul and Donghae ate lunch at their favorite cafe at the corner of the street. This place was quiet and not many people came here, great place to do private talk.
"Hyung, there's something I want to talk about." Donghae's face reddened, Heechul raised an eyebrow.
"Huh? What is it? You don't ask for love life advice from someone like me~"
"No, it's actually a request. Only you could fulfill this." Donghae made puppy eyes, no one could ignore them.
"Okay, say it." At first, Donghae hesitated, but then he said it all.
"Please set me up into a blind date. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I want to break up with Yuri, but since she's busy I got so lonely so I think if I could find a friend who is a girl, it might be good." That request left Heechul speechless and motionless. He could do nothing but fulfill that request, even if he didn't want to.

"Yuri-ah.... Where are you?" that evening, Heechul went to a friend's place to play, and Donghae was left alone in the dorm. Feeling so damn bored, he finally called Yuri.
"Me? I'm at the grocery store, buying some food. What's going on?" She sounded chirpy as usual, the voice Donghae always loved.
"Could you come to my place? I'm all alone here....."
"I want to, but I have to shop first..." Yuri's voice sounded guilty. Donghae felt sad hearing her voice like that. How come she could be so nice to a guy like him. A guy who already planned to cheat on her.
"We could shop together later, please, I could die here...." And 30 minutes later, Yuri showed up in front of the door.
"Hey, you're not dead yet." She smiled. Donghae let her in. They play in the house for hours. Yuri looked great as always, and she showed great loving personality Donghae always loved but this time, Donghae just felt plain. It's not that he didn't love her anymore, he just lost the vibe.
After hours playing at home, they did forget about the grocery shopping. Feeling responsible for it, Donghae promised her to accompany her shopping tomorrow night. He knew he was going to go to the blind date and abandon this promise. He had done this several times, but this time, he would absolutely regret this. Ever.

The next day, Donghae went to the cafe Heechul and him went for lunch yestterday. Donghae was going to meet the blind date Heechul had set up for him. Donghae was happy and curious and excited, but he was so anxious too, afraid of getting caught by Yuri.
Donghae entered the cafe, and soon noticed the girl Heechul told him that afternoon, blonde hair beauty with gorgeous looks. Her name was Jessica.
"Hey, I believe you're Jessica." Jessica smiled at him shyly, didn't know what to do.
"Don't be so awkward like that, I bet you already know my name, but let's star all over again. Hi, I'm Donghae." He stretch his arms out, waiting Jessica to shake his hand.
"I'm Jessica, nice to meet you." Their talk lasted for 2 hours, then they went to a club. They seemed so comfortable around each other. Jessica's presence around Donghae made he felt like a prince, a happy one. Is this love at first sight felt like? With that thought on his head, he spent the rest of the night with her, and the morning.

The next morning, Donghae woke up. Jessica was already up then.
"Hey prince, you've woken up. Listen, I have to go right now, I'm in a rush actually, bye bye." Without saying anything, she walked out of the room just like that. He just realized, that night was just one-night-love-affair. He was stupid for believing that they could get together someday.
Suddenly, his cellphone rang so loud. The screen showed Sooyoung's name. Just like Heechul, whenever Sooyoung rang him, it couldn't be good news. The last time Sooyoung called him, he had to run around the neighborhood to find her dog. Donghae didn't pick it up immediately, still dizzy from the hangover. But the call didn't end, Sooyoung kept trying to reach him.
"Hello....." As always, he sounded dead in the morning.
"Where have you been?! Under the water?!" Sooyoung suddenly yelled at him. Dumbfounded, Donghae couldn't answer the question.
"Tsk, forget it. Just come here.... Be quick." Sooyoung's tone changed drastically. She sounded so sad, even she sounded teary. He could hear Siwon's voice on the back, comforting her. What the hell was going on? Donghae immediately dressed up and head to the girls' dorm.

As soon as he arrived, everybody stared at him. SNSD members were there, also his group members who were supposed to be somewhere else for holiday. Siwon approached him first. He patted Donghae's back with a grieving look upon his face. Donghae got confused. Then suddenly he saw a coffin. He walked to that coffin. It was opened. He took a peek inside. He saw a beautiful angel lying down. With peaceful face, she lied there. It was her. The girl of his dream.
He couldn't stop his tears from flowing. He couldn't say anything, even if he really wanted to ask questions.
"It was last night, a truck hit her. In front of the Supermarket. The driver was drunk...." Sooyoung tried to answer those questions on Donghae's mind. Hearing that story, now he broke down. He screamed on the top of his lungs. Tears were flowing hysterically. Donghae knew, if he didn't broke that promise, she wouldn't lie there right now. He regretted all of those broken promises he made, he regretted all those thoughts of cheating on her. He regretted everything.

You know, you never know what you've had until it's gone. Now she's gone. Donghae just realized, she was the girl he loved the most. And within those regrets, the thing he regretted the most was: She wasn't the girl whom he could hug for the last time.

Tags: pairing: donghae/other, with: snsd

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