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Revenge is Just Another Game-Chapter 4

Title: Revenge is Just Another Game
Pairing: Hanchul, Shimin, Qmi, KiEunHae, KangTeuk, ninja!HenBer Ryeowook, 
Genre: gang!au, dark
Rating: R (language. Mentions of drug and alcohol use. Dark and sort of twisted. Use of guns and other weapons.)
Summary: Heechul screwed him over once and Hankyung vowed that never again.
Notes: This is dedicated to zaboomafoo76 who puts up with my Writer Issues.

It was okay because Hankyung knew what it was like to love and if he played this right, Kangin had just found their way out.

[Prologue] [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3]
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: various

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