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Call Me Appa + Your Best Friend is going to Die!

Title: Call Me Appa
Pairing: Eunhae, EunHaeRy, HenHae, EunRy
Length: One-shot
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Crack
Summary: Donghae decides he wants a baby, what does the "baby" want?

Sometimes Donghae is too crazy for words...


Title: Your Best Friend is going to Die!
Chapter: 2/?
Pairing: 50% Eunhae, 50% Kyumin, Eunmin, Kyuhae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: High School AU, drama, romance
Summary: How far would you be willing to go to protect your best friend from a diabolical evil genius named Kyuhyun? Would you pretent to be in love? Would you be willing to break up their new formed romance with someone they claim is their soul mate? Donghae has a choice, break up Eunhyuk and Sungmin or watch as Kyuhyun destroys Eunhyuk's life

Chapter 1    Chapter 2
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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