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Qmimin dump

Porn Drabble #1 | Qmimin | 126 | NC-17 | Threesome idk
Kyuhyun pushes further in,

Porn Drabble-ish #2 | Kyumin,Qmi,Qmimin | 768 | NC-17 | Breathplay, written for holystardown for when I was in a block. I have never written this so /o\
“Shush, Zhoumi ge, lemme try something,”

This is not the reality I wanted. | Qmimin | 360 | PG | This simply wasn't what he had wanted. | Could be au!verse, could relate from Porn Drabble #1
It’s Kyuhyun’s turn and his smile is bittersweet

I can make it snow | Qmimin | 946 | G | Magician!au-ish | Zhoumi is a magician, Sungmin is his lovely assistant, Kyuhyun doesn’t like magic.
I hate magic
Tags: ot3: sungmin/zhoumi/kyuhyun

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