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Are You Guys Crazy?

Title: Are You Guys Crazy? (i sucks at title XP)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Various/Eunhyuk
Summary: Eunhyuk wants to talk to Donghae about some SuJu matters but he can’t findhim.
Author: Eunhyuk_Jewel

Eunhyuk’s POV

“Donghae-ah.....”Eunhyuk calls for Donghae.

‘Maybe he can’t hear me. I better call for him outside’


‘Haisshhh...where is that fishy?? I better ask other guys.’

He spotted Chansung, Nickhun, Seuggri, Onew, Minho, Jungmin,and Jinwoon but sadly no fishy.

“Yah, have u guys seen fishy??”

“No, hyung. I thought he’s with you.”Minho answered.

“Aishh, that annoying fish.”

“Are you having a fever hyung?”ask Onew.


“Well, you face is red.”

“Nah, its nothing.”

“Here, sit with us hyung.”said Chansung.

“Sure.” He sits between Chansung and Minho.

“So, what are you guys doing here?”

“ We’re just enjoying the night of Pattaya.”said Onew cheesily.

“Ewww.. thats cheesy.”

“Actually we’re discussing about someone, hyung.”said Chansung.

“Oh.....who is it???”

“Well actually its about you.” said Seunggri while everyone else staring at him.

“Hmmm???? Whats about me??”

“We’re discussing about how we can make you become ours.”

“...............WHAT????????????? ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME?????”

“Of course not hyung, we all love you so much and we want to make you ours....” said Jin Woon.

“You guys are crazy!!”Eunhyuk wants to leave that place but being a clumsy guy he is, he fell
onto Minho. Their lips are dangerously close. Eunhyuk felt Minho’s hand on his waist.

“Hyung, if you keep being clumsy like that, i’m not sure i can hold myself if you know what i
mean.”said Minho while smirking.

“Get off me you pervert!!”

“Sorry hyung, no can do.”

“Yah Minho, don’t keep him to yourself. We love him too!!”said Nichkun while taking Eunhyuk’s off Minho.

Eunhyuk was about to say thanks but he didn’t. You know why? It is because there are 7 guys looking at him with eyes full of love and lust(more lust actually).

And the only thing in Eunhyuk’s mind is ‘WHERE IS THAT GODDAMN FISHY!!!!’

A/N : I write again. It sucks as always. I’d just watched King of Idols and i feel like writing something about them. Actually i want to write something else but it turns out like this.LOLXP. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this eventhough its a fail.

Ps: I want to write a smut between the guys and Eunhyuk but my English doesn’t allow me to do it. I don’t know the correct words or how to do it. So, sorry guys... T^T...

Comments are LOVE!! <3
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