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Title : Family Outing
Pairing : Various
Rating : PG
Disclaimer : only the plot..
Summary : bringing 11 kids to a public place is (not) a good idea
A/N : English is not my first language

They entered the building happily. Actually, before they could spread out, Kangin and Leeteuk had already made them into a group, which was the oldest son would be the leader. Heechul team: Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Ryeowook. Hankyung team: Yesung, Siwon, Kibum, and Kyuhyun. Since Heechul and Hankyung were old enough for taking the responsibility of their dongsaeng, with Kangin and Leeteuk eyeing them beside, they could guide their dongsaengs and not be separated away from them by themselves with more fun way.
“So Heechul team will go with Teuki appa or Kangin appa?” Kangin asked his sons as he dived and faced them straight to their sparkling eyes. Heechul asked his dongsaengs cheerfully, and they replied with ‘Teuki appa~!!!!’, with that they separated and decided to meet again on the same walkway after the shopping.
“Appa~ I want to go there!!” Leeteuk felt a pair of small hands tugged his sleeve. He turned his head to face the kid and found Eunhyuk whined cutely, with Donghae’s hand tangled with him, placed the same pout as Eunhyuk did. Leeteuk smiled at their cuteness.
“What is it Hyukkie-ah?” Leeteuk bent down to face Eunhyuk straight to his big innocent eyes.
“There, Appa!!!” Eunhyuk pointed a café that filled with ice cream icon.
“Ice cream café?” Eunhyuk nodded attractively with a wonderful toothy smile, Donghae giggled looking at his brother enthusiasm. He knew exactly that ice cream café would be Eunhyuk’s choice even when they were in the end of the world. Strawberry ice cream beats everything in front of his twin.
“Okay then, Hyukkie-ah. What about you Donghae-ah?” Leeteuk asked him as he ruffled his hair softly. Donghae blinked his gleaming eyes and answered, “I want a new fish, Appa…” He said softly. “But I don’t want to go to the pet shop without Hyukkie-hyung…” he tightened his tangled with Eunhyuk’s hand. Eunhyuk faced his twin, and then smiled gently, “Well, okay Hae. We’ll go there first then. I can hold my longing for ice cream by the way,” He said as he held Donghae’s palm tighter if it’s possible and both smiled widely. If it’s for Donghae, his beloved twin, Eunhyuk would do it. Even if he had to sacrifice the strawberry ice cream.
“I’ll go to the café first then Hyukkie-ah. I’m already starving here!” Shindong said as he brought Ryeowook along with him headed the café.
“But you’ve already eaten on the van before we got here,” Heechul raised his eyebrow and placed a disbelief face. Shindong looked at him as he face answered ‘So?’. “Okay, I’ll stay here with your brothers. If you have finished at the pet shop, don’t go anywhere but here. Come back here safely to us, okay kids?” Leeteuk said to EunHae, both nodded and went to the pet shop happily.
“Hmm, I supposed to entrust them to buy Heebum’s food too…” Heechul scoffed as he regretted EunHae’s disappearance. But when he titled his head to the left side, he widened his eyes. “Shall we go there, Minnie?” Heechul circled his arms around Sungmin’s left arms since his right arms hugged his adored bunny. Sungmin turned his head and found Heechul pointed a big toyshop. Sungmin tensed up as he saw a lot of bunnies stood on the stall there. “Yes sure Hyung!!!” he replied happily.
“We can go there, can’t we Appa? I want to give my Heebum a bunch of toys!!” Leeteuk smiled and nodded. HeeMin cheered and walked happily to the shop to find their wonderland.
“Kyuhyunnie-ah!! Stop bothering your hyung!!!” Kangin said as he lifted Kyuhyun’s little figure to his embrace. The little boy laughed as he pointed Yesung’s frame. “Look Appa, look!!! Look at his face!! He’s funny when he’s crying!!!” he continued laughing blissfully. Kangin turned his face towards Yesung who was already crying silently beside Siwon’s figure. Gently, Siwon patted his shoulder and comforted his fragile hyung.
“You’re being a bad boy Kim Kyuhyun!!! If you still being naughty like this, I’ll send you to stay on that day care centre!!” Kangin threatened him. Kyuhyun looked at the place that his appa told him, Kangin smirked, thinking that Kyuhyun probably would hate that place because he couldn’t find any freedom there and chose to be a good boy instead had to stay on that place. But Kangin was wrong. Kyuhyun started to struggle from his embrace and whined loudly, “I WANT TO GO THERE APPAAA~!!!! LET’S GO THERE~!!!!!” he whined and hit Kangin’s head uncontrollably.
“Ow! Aw! Yeah! Okay Kyuhyunnie! Stop hitting me!!” Kangin groaned in pain while Kyuhyun giggled happily. Kangin sighed tiredly and for a moment, his brain thought that maybe Kyuhyun would be a criminal someday. He’s too cruel to be a kid in his age right now, he’s only 5 years old but he had torturing all his hyungs. Hitting, kicking, slapping, punching, wrestling, striking, choking, scolding, teasing, and even saying bad words to them. He was really total opposite with his two twins, Kibum and Ryeowook. From three of them Ryeowook is the oldest. He’s nice to everyone. Caring and love to help his appas to serve the food for the family. In addition, Kibum is a quite boy. Sometimes he chooses to sleep instead he have to play around with his brothers.
Kyuhyun’s victim is Yesung usually. Since Yesung isn’t as strong as the kid on his age, his figure is fragile and small, he don’t have any twin like the others—actually Siwon and Yesung are the only two of Kangin’s children that don’t have any twin. But because Siwon is strong, tall, smart, and dare enough to Kyuhyun’s enemy capacity, Yesung has to take the guarantee of it—and Yesung doesn’t dare enough to resist his youngest dongsaeng.
Kangin shook his head and felt sick of thought of it. He looked at his youngest son’s happy face now on his embrace. He couldn’t tell but he did thought that this young man is cute, just like the kids who supposed to be cute on that age. He smiled, at least Kyuhyun would stop bothering his hyung if he stayed there, and seeing Kyuhyun’s happy smile like that somehow made his heart melted of the super cuteness. But for the safety, he whispered to Hankyung, “Maybe it’s better if we separate Yesung and Kyuhyun for a while,”
Hankyung blinked, “Where should I bring Yesung to?”
Kangin asked back, “Where’s his favorite place?”
Hankyung froze as he thinking of ideas. Five seconds later, he got a light bulb above his head. “I found it, Appa! Don’t worry!!” He stated proudly. Kangin perked his head and saw Hankyung was already approaching his crying son.
“Sungie-ah, why don’t we go to the pet shop? Don’t you want to buy some food for your Ddangkoma?? Or maybe you can buy another turtles to fill your turtle’s tank?” Hankyung said with a warm smile. Yesung lifted his head from Siwon’s shoulder. “Hyung want to go with me?” the younger asked back with a cute pout.
“Of course! Let’s go there!!” Hankyung offered his hand to Yesung to reach. Yesung gladly took it as he placed a small smile on his lips. But Siwon, on the other hand, felt a little bit lonely when Yesung left his shoulder and ready to leave with Hankyung. “Wait!!” he grabbed Yesung’s left hand as Yesung’s right hand was held by Hankyung. “Am I allow to join?” he asked with an adorable pout, Yesung and Hankyung found it was ultra cute for a charming boy like Siwon. “Yeah! Of course!!! Let’s go together!!” Yesung smiled widely. Siwon’s pout was replaced by his sweet dimpling smile.
“Bye Appa!!! We’ll be back later to see you here!!!” Hankyung gestured a good-bye hand to Kangin who replied with waving his hand too.
“Now, let’s go to the day care centre!!” he put Kyuhyun down from his embrace to the floor and tangled his both hands to Kibum and Kyuhyun beside him, headed them to the kid’s heaven.

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