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Keeping Mum - Sichul

Title: Keeping Mum
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Yaoi, smut
Pairing/Character: Siwon/Heechul
Warnings: Man/man sex
Circumstances have Heechul staying with Siwon and his parents... but that doesn't stop him getting what he wants from his secret boyfriend.


Heechul had decided: Siwon was not the cutest of the dongsaengs as he slept. Donghae was safe with that award. Heechul quietly clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth, tilting his head to get another angle as he continued his inspection. No, not cute. Siwon was sexy.

Though the room was dark, there was enough light from the moon that he could make out the figure on the bed, sleeping on his stomach. The covers were low enough to exhibit how broad shoulders tapered into lean hips. As Siwon breathed slowly and deeply, they moved, a motion that was as teasing as it was enchanting. Heechul loved those hips. 

Summer was in its prime and made standing around all the more unbearable. Heechul pulled the over-sized shirt he had been wearing from his body and dropped it to the floor. He didn’t want to make a mess, not in a room that wasn’t his; in a house that wasn’t his. He was a guest here, graciously taken in by the Christian family in his hour of need (that he shamelessly dramatised, not wanting to he holed up in the dorms with the loud dongsaengs once again).

He crawled onto the bed, slowly as to shift the mattress as little as possible; hoping that Siwon was as heavy sleeping tonight as he usually was. The younger man swapped the side of his head he was sleeping on. His lips were pursed just a little, eyebrows smooth across his forehead underneath his fringe. Too manly to be cute, Heechul justified his decision.

Gently, he pressed his left fist into the mattress beside Siwon’s hip, and with the other, pulled the sheet lower. The elasticated band of the pants Siwon wore clung to the curve of his backside, offering a little glimpse of flesh that only Heechul got to see nowadays. He teasingly brushed his fingertips over the smooth skin. Leaning closer, he pressed his lips to the small of the younger’s back. Not much of a response from above.

With a playful twist to his lips, Heechul opened his mouth to swirl his tongue lightly around, tasting dew-like sweat and relishing it. He never thought the salty tang could be arousing, adding to the aching need between his legs. So primal, one more side to Siwon that only he had ever experienced. Everyone else only saw the gentleman, the sweet prince who had secretly pledged his heart to the most beautiful and demanding of princesses.

He dragged his tongue up the ridge of Siwon’s spine. Every dip of vertebrae he traced carefully as his hands kneaded his lover’s firm ass. As he got closer to the younger man’s neck, muscles reacted, contracting and shivering under skin; quiet sounds escaped those lips. Siwon was waking up. Heechul smirked, reaching the end of the trail and kissing it. Lightly at first and then sucking, intent on leaving a mark.

It was enough to finally rouse Siwon. Heechul planted his hands either side of the other’s head, looming over as those eyes finally opened and focused to meet his.

“Good evening,” he purred, smiling down through heavily lidded eyes.

Despite the frown on his face, Siwon’s hands found their favourite perch on Heechul’s waist. The elder often wondered if the gently massage his fingertips gave was a subconscious thing, because Siwon always did it. Heechul loved it because it kept him a happy, calm cat. “Hyung, what are you doing in here?”

“I wanted to see my boyfriend,” he replied, leaning down for a kiss that was a little reluctantly given. “Is that so wrong?”

“It’s the middle of the night.”

“I know, isn’t it great?” Heechul brushed their mouths together again. He sought a deeper contact, slipping his tongue into the younger’s mouth to flick against the roof of his mouth. He pulled away slowly, taking Siwon’s bottom lip with him until it popped from his mouth. His right hand moved to press flat on Siwon’s chest; fingers absently toying with the nipple he found, hardening it with his expertise in seconds. “Everyone’s asleep…”

Siwon groaned, quietly, and rolled his head back on the pillow, understanding Heechul’s intentions immediately. “’Everyone’ are my parents, Heenim. I am not going to have sex with you—”

Heechul pouted. “We fucked for years in the dorms,” he ignored the scowl shot up at him, “we’ve even fucked in public, Horse, do you remember that?”

A smirk crept across Siwon’s lips. “I do,” the glaze to his eyes told Heechul of his recollecting. They met for another kiss, chaste but full of meaning; two different intentions.

Heechul was eager, and determined, to win. Getting his way was just something he always got. Especially when Siwon was involved. “It’ll be just like that, Horse. You can kiss me all you like, gag me if I get too loud, but,” he bent to whisper in the man’s ear “I need you in me, it’s been days.”

“Two at most, ‘Rella.”

Pressing his hips down, his already hard cock rubbed against the soft fabric that still clothed his lover. The breathless gasp he released proved his point: albeit exaggerated, he was desperate.

Siwon took pity, it was plain to see in his eyes, and his hands slid down to cup around Heechul’s ass and pull him closer. “You’re naked,” he said bluntly, echoing surprise.

“I am,” the elder grinned impishly. Moving his right hand lower, ghosting over his lover’s defined abdomen, he tugged pointedly at the black pants that remained between them. “You’re not.”

Siwon slipped his fingers into the crevice between Heechul’s cheeks and caressed the soft, sensitive skin there, knowing that it was as good a ‘pause button’ as one could ever find on him. “If we do it now, you have to go back to your room as quietly as you came, get to bed and not wear that smirk you usually do after we’ve done something naughty,” he then added under his breath in frustration, but also as a warning “Mother will be on us in seconds.”

“A fair deal,” Heechul replied, tilting his hips back into Siwon’s touch and fighting the loud purr that was clawing away at his throat. “But the longer your cock is not in me, the longer I’ll make you hold me when we’re finished.”

“An incentive, my Princess, that is not.”

Heechul sneered, shoving his hand into Siwon’s pants and pulling his stiff cock out in a swift movement that elicited a gasp that had to be quickly silenced. “Don’t try me, Simba.”

Siwon didn’t reply; couldn’t reply as he chewed his bottom lip to keep from groaning as Heechul’s slender fingers rained carefully precise attention on his member. Thumb drawing circles over the head; blunt nails teasing just a little into the slit just to make sure that he wouldn’t be changing his mind.

When the elder was content, and gave one last tug and coiled his fingers around the base as he brought his legs up to hug tightly to Siwon’s sides. He positioned himself on top of Siwon’s cock, the head pressing against his entrance. Raising his body and inch, he was just about to go down when Siwon’s large hands grabbed his hips to keep him still.

“You’re not prepped, Princess.”

“I am,” Heechul smirked and used his free hand to take one of Siwon’s between his legs, where Siwon immediately found his entrance and slipped two fingers inside at once. The digits twisted inside him, a pleasant sensation that when the first time he felt it, Heechul never thought he get used to, as if Siwon didn’t trust him to do the job properly. Silly Horse.

Sighing with a little exasperation, Heechul clenched his fingers harder around the man’s cock. “Can you just fuck me?”

“My apologies,” Siwon whispered, pulling his hand back and replanting it on the sharp curves of Heechul’s hips. He guided the elder down. A hand flew up to twine into Heechul’s dark brown hair and pull his head down for a kiss to silence him as he thrust his hips up.

Heechul groaned into his lover’s mouth, swallowing his tongue as the sensation of being filled tingled through his body. Pain was quickly chased away because it was an echo of the past long gone.

Seated comfortably on Siwon’s lap, Heechul pulled away from the kiss, licking his lips and grinning. He supported himself with his hands on the other’s chest, holding himself upright. Siwon, being the athletic stallion he was, eagerly offered to do all the work – which Heechul was hardly about to disagree with – and held the brunette’s body up so he could thrust his hips up, sliding cleanly in and out of the body that shivered because of him.

But Heechul didn’t remain as passive as a woman for long. Sparing one hand, he curled his palm around his neglected cock, jerking in time to Siwon’s member fucking him, and rocking his hips back and forth subtly. But not subtle enough when the younger paused, buried inside him.

“Not tonight, Princess,”

Heechul gawked down and he would have cried out his indignity had Siwon not quickly moved to justify his horrendous statement.

“Can’t risk you being that loud, ‘Rella. I’m sorry,” the genuine regret in his dark eyes softened the hatred that must have been glaring from Heechul’s own. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise. When we can go back to yours, I’ll make you lose your voice,”


“I promise.”

Heechul bent for a quick kiss that was by no means chaste, before seeking to continue by lifting his hips up and off of Siwon’s member. The man pulled him back down again, bouncing halfway to meet him, because if Heechul wasn’t going to get any stimulation to his prostate he was going to have it hard just to compensate.

His hand frantically tugged at his cock; breath hissed from his nose and Siwon whispered into his lips, so low and quiet that Heechul wondered if he had simply imagined it.

“Come, Princess, for me.”

He managed a few moments more of their combined efforts before he mashed his mouth back to the younger’s and jerked as his whole body tensed. Warm fluid spurted up into his hand to seep between his fingers. Siwon quickly followed, hips stilling for a second before one final thrust filled Heechul with his seed.

They fell back on the mattress panting. Heechul sprawled out on Siwon’s chest, smiling as he felt as much as he heard his Simba’s heartbeat slowing from its frenetic dance. He curled his fingers around Siwon’s bicep, exhaling deeply and sliding his legs down. They automatically intertwined, snug in each other’s warmth, no matter how sticky.

“If you give me some clean pants, can I stay, claiming I was a lonely hyung should they find us in the morning?”

“Of course,” Siwon tightened his arms around Heechul’s waist and pressed a kiss to the crown on the man’s head before sliding from the embrace to locate a clean pair of pants and found Heechul’s shirt on the floor at the foot of the bed.

He made a quick job of cleaning Heechul with the tissues he had on his desk before dressing the man and pulling his own sleeping pants back into place. Then, only knowing that Heechul was comfortable, content and happy did he settle back into bed, resuming the position they had been in only moments previously.

The deal they had agreed on was being ignored, and he was fine with that. Siwon would have been angry if Heechul had just got up and snuck back to the guestroom, because he had said that he never wanted to be ‘just someone to have sex with’. And Heechul promised him that he never was, and never would be.

“Goodnight, Siwon-ah,”

“Sleep well, my Cinderella,”

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