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It's because of him 2a/2?

Title: It's because of him (two shot)
Pairing: Donghae/Lee MinJi (you)
Minor Characters: Kyuhyun, Taemin, Kangin, Jessica & Jinsohp(oc)
Genre: Angst, Romance
Summary: You did it for the safety of your brother Taemin...

         You entered his apartment, it was bigger than yours. Well why not he's a rich and well known boy for his father's construction company. Then you were also welcomed by to house maids and a butler, the 1st maid is already middle aged but she looks so sweet, while the seond one she seems snarky and snobbish she looks like she's only older than you by 1 or 2 years. You greeted them. That was when Donghae emerged from his room he looks like going somewhere. "Hey, you go fix my bedroom it's already smelly and not in order. Remember this don't let anyone enter my room except you. OKAY? " He told you. You glared at him he saw it and "YAH! YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO GLARE AT ME! YOU'RE ALREADY MY SERVANT AND YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW MY ORDERS OR ELSE YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR BROTHER.!" He shouted at you and left banging the front door. You saw the younger house maid smirked and left. After that you broke and hot tears came running down to your face. "Come on now dear follow his orders before he comes back and shout at you again. What's your name by the way? I'm Mrs. Park." you smiled at her atleast you have someone to lean on. " I'm Lee MinJi/(Insert your name). By the way, what time will he return so that I can fix his room real good so that he'll be happy." You asked Mrs. Park ,she smiled at you and "He will return midnight and be sure to wait for him to arrive,  Before I was assigned to do that but now Siince your his personal maid you have to wait for him. Now dear I  go get his favorite bedsheets and go fix the messy things up there." She suggested " I thought you have never been in there how do you know his favorite sheets?" You're confused while walking to his room. "Dear I have been here since he's in diappers so I know okay?" Mrs. Park said you nodded and entered his room. His room wasn't as messy as he thinks and it wasn't that stinky, 'maybe  he's just a real clean person...' you thought.  Actually it only toook you 1 and a half hours to clean the room and change the sheets. Its now super clean. You're already tired you remembered that you have homework and a chapter test for tomorrow. Your totally pissed of what's happening, while waiting for him you did all the school works you ned to do. the clock strikes 12 when he came you heard the door and you saw that he looks tired he asked for water and youo gave that to him. After that he went straight to his room. Your lucky he didn't scold you a smile and went to the maid's quarters. You set your alarm 3:30 am and slept. You woke up you feel so  tired. You cooked for his breakfast. Mrs. Park saw you and you told her "Mrs. Park, please don't tell Donghae that I cookd this for him and please tell him that I wasn't able to wait for him because I still need to go to the library for researches. Thanks Mrs. Park " your happy that Mrs. Park didn't stopped you. But you heard her shout that "MinJi/(your name), you haven't eaten anything yet!" you smiled and " Don't worry Mrs. Park I 'm fine!".

             It's been almost a week your serving Donghae. Same routine everyday. Your happy that he lets you see your brother. There's just a tiny problem you're still akward to him but he asks you to sit with him, earning many glares from his "fans". Most especially to his girlfriend Jessica. Donghae sees that your always uncomfortable with them " Hey, just don't mind them, they'll just get their eyes dry because even Jessica won't be able to seat with me like this." Donghae told you, you were shocked by this. "Yah! be fair with your girlfriend she's jealous because of me. Besides sh should be the one who's seating beside you not me, I'm just your maid." You explained "Hey, Hey hey ! Who told you that she's my GF? She just loves to put that name on her because we're ex-friends. I don't even Like her." Donghae told you somewhat smiling. One night he did't go anywhere he just stayed at home, he asked you to help him in his assignments and projects. So the next day you woke up and prepared for school and made breakfast for him. Unfortunetly he wakes up early when he's not going anywhere esp at night. He saw you cooking his breakfast. "So you're the one who makes those delicious breakfast for me, I knew it it's not Mrs. Park because it taste wonderful!" he teased you while getting milk from the fridge. You got frozen at your place your little secret about the breakfast thing got revealed. " Yah you mean Mrs Parks food is not good? Tsk tsk tsk... I 'll tell that to her." You teased him as well. "Yah! T-that's not what I mean.!" he said poiting at you. Finally you and him were able to be somwhat like friends you and him are not arguing but always friendly jokes, he gives you more time to be with Taemin, your happy with it, but there's still a problem you yealized that you're already falling for him....



a/n: guyz guyz.... Look I know I always post short updates but pleas understand i've been suffering severe stomach ache for 3 consecutive days. Mind is isn't working well... I'll try updating soon and a longer one.... Mianhae... plz continue to like this....

Tags: pairing: donghae/other

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