Soju_drip (soju_drip) wrote in miracle______,

Unusual Pairing. LATE VALENTINES!

Author: Soju_drip
Title: Unusual Pairing
Word Count 1,000 (ish)

Rating: PG 
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Broken SiWook

Summary: You can cry too much over some people and sometimes you're lucky if you realise.

A/N: Just some Valentines angst I have to get out of my system, so of course I destroy the one thing I love the most! My SiWook :(
I hate it, but thought I should post it anyway because I have come to learn some people are angst junkies! <3
Also sorry I'm late for Valentines, Uni and stuff =.=

Will be friend-locked in a week-ish
Tags: pairing: siwon/ryeowook

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