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Title: A new neighbor
Pairing: Henry/Reader
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Henry is your new neighbor and he is incredibly handsome.

A/N Sorry it took so long to write the next one, school´s been crazy. So this is my 10th fic in my Suju/Reader series and I hope you like it ;P

You woke up on a Saturday morning annoyed at the noise outside your window. You rose up in bed, ran your fingers through your hair and yawned. You walked to your window and peeked out. There was a big moving van on the street and people were moving furniture in to the house next to yours.

Your mom came into your room and asked you to come and help the new neighbors. You got dressed quickly and hurried outside. The Lau family was very nice and their son was around your age and incredibly handsome. Your parents invited the Lau´s to dinner, the parents got along very well and you and their son, whose name was Henry, were a bit awkward.

Your parents were getting very drunk so you took Henry to your room. You sat down on the bed and he sat down in a chair and there was awkward silence. “Do you want to watch a movie?” you asked him and he nodded “Sure”. You pointed to where your film collection was “Pick whatever movie you like” you said. He stood up and browsed through the movies, finally he picked one “This is one of my favorites” you both said at the same time and you both blushed. You put Portrait of a Beauty in the DVD player and you both sat down on the bed.

When the movie started you couldn´t help but blush and you were well aware of Henry next to you. You sat there and watched in awkward silence. When the sex scene started the room suddenly became very hot. You felt yourself blush and you glanced at Henry who seemed to be having the same problem as you. You noticed that he held his hands over his crotch and you guessed he was getting erected.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and you both winced. “Henry, we are leaving” Henry´s mother said as she opened the door. Henry jumped of the bed, waved awkwardly and hurried out the door. You turned the TV off and got under the blanket and took care of your ‘Problem’ while thinking of Henry.

When you exited your house to head to school you walked into Henry. You both looked away awkwardly and walked silently to school together. You found out that Henry was in most of your classes and that he was also taking a violin class. Since you had to work together in some classes you got to know each other and you actually had a lot in common and soon you had become best friends.

One Friday afternoon there was a knock on the front door of your house. You opened it and there was a post man standing on the porch. “I have a delivery” he said and looked at you with raised brows “Can you sign it? I need to see your ID to confirm that you´re over 18” he said and eyed you suspiciously. “Yes, no problem” you said and ran to your room to get your ID and handed it to him. He handed you the signing form and you signed it and took the package inside. You had no idea what was in the package and you were so curious that you forgot to read to whom it was.

You ripped the package open and gasped in shock. The package was filled with porn magazines and porn movies. You closed the package and read who it was meant for and you blushed beyond red when you read the name on the package.

You took the package and exited the house. You entered the Lau family´s garden and rang the doorbell. Henry opened the door and smiled at you widely. “This is for you” you said and smirked. He took the package and blushed hard when he saw what was inside. “So, you´re not as innocent as you appear to be” you said as you entered his room. “I´m just not the type to show this side of me to just anyone” he said as he took the magazines and movies and put them in his desk drawer.

You didn´t know when you had fallen for your best friend, but you suddenly got the urge to hug him. You shook the thought from your mind and looked around the room. You grinned when you noticed an open magazine on his bed. “Did I disturb your alone time?” you asked teasingly. He turned around, blushed and picked the magazine and put it in his drawer. Then an evil smirk crossed his face “Yes you did and now you have to make it up to me” he said and pulled you with him down on the bed and you fell on top of him.

“Oh really now, and how can I do that?” you asked grinning as he pretended to be deep in thought. “Well, you can start by kissing me” he said and puckered his lips. You chuckled but leaned in and kissed him softly. “You call that a kiss” Henry said teasingly and you both grinned as you leant back in and kissed deeply.

Your tongues fought for dominance and you both moaned into the kiss. Henry turned you around so he was now on top, then he moved his hand down under your shirt and pulled it off. His lips caught yours again in a much needier kiss.

You pulled his shirt off and moaned in delight at the sight before you. Henry chuckled, but then moaned your name when you started trailing kisses down his neck and nibble at his skin leaving hickeys. You tangled your fingers in his hair and arched back as he kissed your jaw and down to your breasts. He unclasped your bra and licked your breasts. You moaned at the amazing feeling Henry was giving you.

You kissed again passionately, teeth clasping and tongues entwining while you unbuckled his pants and pulled them down and out sprung his proud length. You had stars in your eyes as you examined that spectacular pleasure giver. You grabbed it and you loved the way Henry arched at your touch.

You rubbed his length loving every sound that came out of Henrys mouth. He stopped you before he came and kissed you deeply. He moved his hand down your stomach and pulled your skirt and panties off. Then he trailed butterfly kisses down your stomach and all the way down to your clit.

He licked your clit and you arched back letting out a moan as his talented tongue gave you the most pleasure you had ever experienced. You didn´t want to come, so you pulled Henry up in a messy kiss. “Henry, I want you so bad” you begged as you nibbled at his earlobe.

Henry reached his drawer and pulled out a condom and slid it on. He climbed on top of you again “Are you sure about this?” he asked worriedly, oh, how you loved how caring Henry was. “Yes I´m sure. Henry I love you and I need you so badly” you were practically begging. “I love you too” he said and kissed you deeply as he slowly pushed inside of you.

You moaned as his length filled you and you were sure you were in heaven. He started moving slowly in and out of you and you wrapped your arms around him and dug your nails in his skin as you lost all control. You started moving with him and that made the pleasure even more for both of you and you were moaning messes.

The room was filled with pants, gasps and moans. He started thrusting faster and deeper, and when he touched your g-spot you started seeing stars. You moaned his name again and again, as he thrust in and out of you hitting your spot every time.

Your breaths were getting harder and you were moaning like crazy as you both felt heat pooling in your stomachs as you let your orgasms take over you. You came both at the exact same time shaking. You rode out your orgasms and Henry slumped on top of you breathing hard. “God, that was amazing” you both said at the same time and chuckled.

Henry pulled out, slid the condom off and threw it in the trash then he lay next to you and wrapped his arms around you. You cuddled in each other´s arms and soon you drifted to dreamland.
Tags: pairing: henry/reader

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