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Noona Complex

Title: Noona Complex
Pairing: Yemin [girl!Yesung/Sungmin]
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Slightly cracky romance, parody
Word Count: 7'280
Warning: Mature content. Cursing.
Disclaimer: The characters in this are fictional and any actions and opinions thus thought out and not real.

: In which transfer student Sungmin is not amused by his new school where excitable seniors rope him into attending the newspaper club and everyone except for him has a nickname. Things take a turn for the worse better when he meets Yesung (who is a singer and also his sunbae) and suddenly "Replay" doesn't seem like such a bad song anymore. (Includes bad attempts at confessions, a lot of awkwardness, and honorable mentions of SHINee and SNSD.)

(“Not good?” Sungmin frowned and crossed it off his list. “How about serenading her through the school’s speaker system?”)

Tags: pairing: yesung/sungmin

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