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Fanfic Updates!

In the Dark of Night | HyukHae | PG-13+
When he was twelve, Donghae's parents were killed by...something mysterious.  When he was twelve, Donghae lost everything that mattered in his life.  When he was twelve, Donghae's life was completely turned around and everything he knew defied what was truly reality.  Now, eight years later and he's a vampire's worst nightmare - Seoul's best vampire hunter.  However, the night he meets his match in the Supernatural world, he's in for another twist as he learns more about the mysterious murder of his parents, his forgotten past, and an arcane feeling called love.

Evening | Twilight

Title:  Chocolate and Vanilla
Pairing:  EunHae
Sub-Pairings:  None
Chapters:  One-Shot
Rating:  PG
Disclaimer:  I used to own them.  But then I woke up.
Synopsis/Summary:  Eunhyuk is reminded of Donghae when he sees a chocolate and vanilla cake.

[Chocolate or vanilla?  That is the question...]

Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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